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April (issue #369) Circuit Cellar

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p.6: Build an RF-Controlled Robotic Car: Using Two PIC32 MCUs, By Drew Mera, Rohit Krishnakumar: and Asad Marghoob

[1] PIC32MX250F128B
[2] Kionix KMX62 User Manual
[3] 434 RF Link Transmitter
[4] 434 RF Link Receiver
[5] Bruce Land’s Protothreads

Inspiration from Hand Motion Controlled Robot Vehicle
Pose: An Arm Tracking System
Kionix |
Microchip Technology |
Parallax |
SparkFun Electronics |

p.12: Intro to Robot Operating System (ROS): Part 2: Build an ROS-based Robotic Car, By Raul Alvarez-Torrico

[1] “Intro to Robot Operating System (ROS), Part 1: A Framework for Developing Robotics Software” (Circuit Cellar 368, March, 2021)
[2] “Write an Object Tracking Drone Application” (Circuit Cellar 362, September, 2020)

Raspberry GPIO

H-Bridges – the Basics

Introduction to Pulse Width Modulation

Raspberry Pi L298N Interface Tutorial

Differential drive robotic car chassis

195:1 Metal Gearmotor 20Dx44L mm 6V CB

Battery Holder – 2×18650 (wire leads)

L298N motor driver module

10,000 mAh power bank

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4GB)

Logitech C270 webcam

Lithium Ion Battery – 18650 Cell (2,600mAh)

Tenergy T4s Intelligent Universal Charger – 4-Bay

Logitech |
ROS Wiki |
Sparkfun Electronics |
STMicroelectronics |

p.20: Build a Digital City Tour Guide: Using Sony’s Spresense Module, By Andrei Florian

[1] GitHub repo
[2] Sony Spresense Board
[4] download the appropriate utility for your OS from the Sony Spresense website

Sony: Developer World |

p.32: Golf Cart Solar Charger Project: Using ADI’s LT8491 Controller IC, By Wade Tantrum, Damon Gagnon and Jordan Baird

[1] Analog Devices Inc. LT8491 datasheet
[2] Analog Devices Inc. LT8705 datasheet

Altium |
Analog Devices |
EasyEDA |
Infineon Technologies |
PCBWay |

p.38: How to Eliminate Switch Bounce: 5 Basic Methods, By Michael H. Pelkey

LogiSwitch |

p.41: Analog ICs Fuel Modernization of Industrial Systems: Facilitating Smart Factories, By Jeff Child

Analog Devices |
Infineon Technologies |
Maxim Integrated |
ON Semiconductor |
Renesas Electronics America |
STMicroelectronics |
Texas Instruments |

p.48: Code Quality Tools Tame Software Complexities: Programming Perfection, By Jeff Child

AdaCore |
GrammaTech |
Green Hills Software |
IAR Systems |
Wind River |

p.52: DATASHEET: Mini-ITX and Pico-ITX SBCs: Single Board Success, By Jeff Child

American Portwell Technology
ASRock Industrial Computer
Avalue Technology
IEI Technology
WIN Enterprises

Datasheet URLs:


American Portwell Technology

ASRock Industrial Computer

Avalue Technology





IEI Technology


WIN Enterprises


p.57: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: FreeRTOS: Part 3: FreeRTOS Configuration, By Bob Japenga

[1][2] See
[4] If you don’t know about this tool, you should. There are others, but we have used this for years. It has clear and clean definitions and flexible outputs.
[5] Embedded in Thin Slices: Part 5 of Concurrency in Embedded Systems series in Circuit Cellar February 2013 Issue 271

FreeRTOS |

p.62: FROM THE BENCH: Magnetic Repulsion-Based Levitation: Using ESP8266 and Arduino, By Jeff Bachiochi

[1] How to Make a Simple Motor
[2] Three part article series: “Electronic Speed Control” in
Circuit Cellar 336, July 2018
Circuit Cellar 337, August 2018
Circuit Cellar 338, September 2018
[3] Figure 1
[4] Figure 2
[5] “How to Defy Gravity Without the Use of Black Magic” (Circuit Cellar 18, December 1990/January 1991)
[6] virtual joystick

Espressif Systems |
Heltec Automation |
OWI Robotics |
Pololu |

p.70: THE DARKER SIDE: Understanding Proper PCB Design: Part 2: Multilayer Board Design, By Robert Lacoste

IPC-2226A standard
Sectional Design Standard for High Density Interconnect (HDI) Printed Boards

ICAPE group
The PCB Journey: Manufacturing process video series:

Overcoming the Challenges of HDI Design

Susy Webb
Design Science
Altium Live 2018

Ole Kristian Hamre Sørlie
Data Response

HDI microvia webinars
Wurth Elektronik

Altium |
Cadence Design Systems |
Labcenter Electronics |
Pentalogix |

p.9: The Future of Energy Harvesting: Advancing Toward Forever Battery Life for the IoT, By Srinivas Pattamatta

Atmosic |

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