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Digital Guitar Amplifier/Effects Processor

Part 2: Design and Construction

In the first part of this series, Brian introduced the Teensy 3.2 MCU module. Now he presents a digital guitar amplifier/effects unit that he built around two Teensy modules.

By Brian Millier

In the first part of this series, I introduced the PJRC Teensy family of Kinetis ARM-based modules. I emphasized how they are particularly well suited to audio applications due to the availability of a good audio library. In addition, they are supported by the Teensyduino add-in to the Arduino IDE. This month, I’ll describe the digital guitar amplifier/effects unit that I built around two Teensy modules.

The guitar amplifier/effects unit design is about 60% software and 40% hardware. The analog part of the audio signal chain is made up of a simple, one-transistor input buffer and a 20-W output amplifier (using an automotive audio power amplifier IC). A Teensy 3.2 MCU module and a Teensy Audio Adapter module handle all the audio signal processing…..

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Digital Guitar Amplifier/Effects Processor

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