Circuit Cellar Magazine Names Jurij Mikeln as Content Editor EU

Written by KC Prescott

In our neverending quest to bring Circuit Cellar readers highly compelling content to help in the evolution of embedded system design, we unveil a new partnership with Jurij Mikeln and Svet electronike. Jurij has been a publisher for more than 30 years. His experience and knowledge of the EU market will expand our perspective and broaden our horizons.

Jurij Mikeln

Jurij Mikeln Editor-In-Chief of Svet Elektronike magazine. He leads Bascom-AVR courses, regularly writes articles in the magazine Svet elektronika, as well as in other media (Delo, Življenje in tekhnika, Ventil…). Jurij is also the editor-in-chief of the magazine Svet mechatronica and voluntarily edits the Association of Radio Amateurs of Slovenia CQ ZRS newsletter. For the Association of Radio Amateurs of Slovenia, he also organizes the professional radio amateur meeting RIS. Jurij speaks Croatian, Serbian and has an active command of British English. In addition, he communicates in German and Italian.

Both magazines, Svet Elektronike and Circuit Cellar, have a long history of publishing great articles. Our collaboration with Svet Elektronike magazine will be incredibly productive, leading to even more high-quality content for our readers.

KC Prescott
Publisher – Circuit Cellar

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Circuit Cellar Magazine Names Jurij Mikeln as Content Editor EU

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