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Altium Inc.
Altium is the leading developer of electronic product development solutions dedicated to unifying the different design disciplines involved in electronics product development. Founded in 1985, Altium has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Australia and resellers worldwide.
Free call: 1-800-544-4186

Anaren IoT Group
Since its inception, Anaren’s IoT Group has enabled millions of wirelessly connected things, using Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, LPWAN and proprietary RF technologies. Anaren IoT offers its Atmosphere IoT cloud software, integrated sensor-to-cloud solutions and related professional services to IoT developers and commercial customers.

ASH WARE offers the full spectrum of eTPU and TPU products and services, including simulators, compilers, debuggers, training, and consulting. An industry leader for quality and professionalism, ASH WARE is your one-stop shop for all your embedded development needs. ASH WARE Inc. 2610 N.W. 147th Place, Beaverton, OR 97006


Custom Computer Services, Inc. (CCS)
CCS offers a fully optimized C compiler specifically for the Microchip PIC processors. The IDE and built-in functions provide developers with a fast method to produce efficient code from an easily maintainable language. CCS also provides design and code development services to help on projects with a tight schedule.

DataRescue IDA Pro
DataRescue IDA Pro, the interactive multi-processor disassembler.

eRTOS provides the tools you need to develop embedded Intel 8086 (and compatible) network-ready applications quickly.


HI-TECH C by Microchip Technology
HI-TECH, by Microchip Technology, is a world class provider of ANSI C compilers, a number of which feature Omniscient Code Generation – a whole-program compilation technology.  HI-TECH compilers are finely-tuned to support the most popular 8-, 16-, and 32-bit microcontroller family architectures, including PICmicro MCUs and DSCs and PSoC Mixed-Signal Processors to name a few.


microEngineering Labs, Inc.
microEngineering Labs offers tools and materials for PICmicro(r) MCU development.  Our popular PICBASIC PRO Compiler(tm) is used by engineers and hobbyists worldwide.  The melabs U2 Programmer is one of the most reliable and flexible programming solutions available.

Radvision Ltd.
Video conference solutions; protocol tools for SIP, IMS, 3G-H.324M, 3G video gateway, media server and mobile-video conferencing solutions


Willies Computer Software Co. (WCSC)
Developers of serial communication development tools & libraries, DLL, TSR, and drivers for all Windows and MSDOS. Includes Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem file transfer, multidrop, & nine bit protocol (RS485), byte time stamping, & modem communications. Customization of products is available. Economical RS232, RS422, RS485 multiport serial cards.


EasyEDA —


JPA Consulting

Logical Systems Corp. —

Midwest-Software & Embedded


Software Inovations

Taylor River Real Time, LLC