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411 Technology Systems
411 Technology Systems is a market leader in providing display solutions for OEM’s, contract manufacturers and hobbyists.  With a broad range of products and competitive prices, you can count on us for reliable and affordable solutions to your design challenge.

Earth Computer
Earth Computer Technologies boasts the largest LCD flat panel inventory in the world (over 1 million LCD’s spanning 500 models)! EarthLCD offers custom LCD solutions at standard stock prices including concept, prototype, and low cost production runs.


Reach Technology, Inc.
Need to add a color touch control to your embedded product? Reach LCD controller boards, display modules and enclosed units use serial interfaces, are easy to program and low cost. Results? Shorter time to market, reduced risk, lower development costs, perpetual LCD availability and protection against changes in technology and format.

The BlackBoxCamera Company Ltd.
The PIC On Screen Display (OSD) project board is a simple, inexpensive hardware platform for the development of versatile OSD applications.  PIC programs can display their sensor data and status information on any video monitor.  Our video overlay units provide a solution for using GPS information to annotate video.

Amulet Technologies www.amulettechnologies.com

Decade Engineering www.decadenet.com

Designtech Engineering Co.www.designtechengineering.com

EMAC, Inc.www.emacinc.com

Excel Technology Intl. Corp. — www.lcdexceltech.com

Front Panel Express LLC www.frontpanelexpress.com

Haidar Technologywww.haidartechnology.com

Matrix Orbital www.matrixorbital.com

Mosaic Industries, Inc.www.mosaic-industries.com

Saelig Company, Inc.www.saelig.com

Scott Edwards Electronics www.seetron.com

Solid Glow Technologies www.solidglow.com

TareTronics, Inc.www.taretronics.com