Data Acquisition and Control



Apex Embedded Systems
Analog and digital peripheral card supplier specializing in ruggedized PC/104.  Products in stock, rate for -40C to +85C, industry standard compatibility plus superset features, long term product life, software and various OS drivers supported.  See our website to order online 24/7 and for further product information.


Industrologic, Inc.
Industrologic, Inc. manufactures electronic products for industrial, scientific, and educational use. Our products include data acquisition and control devices along with single board computers and controllers. Our products are low in cost, rich in features, easy to understand and use, and complete with the items needed to be quickly put into service.

JK Microsystems
Since 1995, JK microsystems has grown by connecting customers with embedded control solutions. Our cost-effective DOS based controllers, peripherals and accessories easily integrate Ethernet, TCP/IP, 10Base-T and control capabilities into embedded data acquisition, networking or industrial technology applications.

Mosaic Industries
Mosaic supplies OEMs with low cost, single board computers incorporating a high level of software integration and preprogrammed user interfaces. Ideal for data acquisition and control, our products combine rugged hardware, graphic displays and touchscreens, easy-to-use software, plenty of I/O and memory, state-of-the-art communications capability, internet connectivity and multitasking RTOS.

PC-based USB Instruments: Oscilloscopes, Chart recorders, Logic Analyzers,Spectrum Analyzers, Pattern Generators, USB IO devices


A key provider to engineers and OEMs worldwide, SCIDYNE designs and manufactures standard-based and custom electronic devices serving diverse global markets. Our product line includes PC/104, Analog and Digital I/O expansion peripherals, and related components all intended to make their use easy, reliable, and cost-effective.


Sealevel Systems, Inc.
At Sealevel Systems we listen. Think. And create. You’ll benefit from this customer-focused approach that’s embedded in our communication and I/O products – popular interfaces include USB serial adapters, Ethernet serial servers, PCI boards, PC/104 modules, multi-port RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, multi-interface high-speed synchronous and asynchronous, plus digital and relay I/O.

Abacom Technologies

ACCES I/O Products, Inc. —

Allied Component Works —

Axiom Manufacturing

Circuit Specialists

Dalanco Spry

Danville Signal Processing,


J-works Inc.

Logic Supply, Inc. —

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MKS Instruments, D.I.P Products

Ontrak Control Systems

Prairie Digital,


RMV Electronics

Saelig Co.

Weeder Technologies

Zanthic Technologies,