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Renesas RL78/G14 kit
Renesas Electronics America has released the RL78/G14 Demonstration Kit (RDK), a powerful evaluation and demonstration tool for the RL78/G14 microcontrollers.
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Present Project Cards

The SMD Air Bath
A DIY PCB Preheating Setup
by Steve Johnson (USA)
The SMD Air Bath is a temperature controller that can preheat a surface-mount device
printed circuit board assembly before reflow with a hot air pencil. The preheating capability
activates the flux, reduces the chance of thermo shock, relieves the heat load from the
hot air pencil, and reduces thermo-mechanical stresses.
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Battery Analysis
Build an MCU-Based Analyzer Unit
by Richard Pierce (USA)
Battery ratings aren’t always accurate. In fact, many batteries don’t meet their
rated capacities. This microcontroller-based battery analyzer enables you to sort
the good from the bad. It’s designed for use with single-cell li-ion batteries with a
nominal 3.7-V rating, and you can use it with various cell types.
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DIY Digital Dip Meter
by Stuart Ball (USA)
A dip meter is a handy piece of test equipment typically used to check a device’s resonant frequency or as a signal source to tune receivers. This article described how to use a microcontroller to digitize the dip meter’s display and explores how to maintain functionality when converting a design from analog to digital.
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Past Project Cards

Build a Low-Power Data Logger
Computerized Data Collector Runs For Years on a Battery
by Steve Ciarcia
How do IC designers deal with changing technology? To answer that question,
let’s review the evolution of a processor family over time.
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Wearable Wireless Transceivers
by Mathew Laibowitz & Joseph Paradiso
It’s becoming easier to incorporate wireless RF links in electronics projects, especially when you know how to select the proper short-range RF device. Mat and Joe first bring you up to speed on the newest embedded RF devices. Then, they describe how such devices were used in a series of wireless wearable platforms developed at the MIT Media Lab.View Article
High Security on a Budget
Build a Video Hand Scanner/Identifier
by Ed Nisley
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