Circuit Cellar 25th Anniversary

Circuit Cellar has released CC25, a very special, 25th anniversary issue. Comprising of the past, present, and future of embedded electronics, CC25 features world-renowned engineers, innovators, academics, and corporate leaders who reflect and predict the future of 8-bit chips, rapid prototyping, FPGAs, embedded security, and more!

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CC25 Supplemental Materials
Stellar Design Challenge Entries
Project Cards: Past, Present & Future
Project Cards: Renesas RL78G14 Support

Topics that appear in this issue:

  • The history of Circuit Cellar — Steve Ciarcia (Founder, Circuit Cellar, Engineer)
  • Do small-RAM devices have a future? — by John Regehr (Professor, University of Utah)
  • A review of embedded security risks — by Patrick Schaumont (Professor, Virginia Tech)
  • The DIY electronics revolution — by Limor Fried (Founder, Adafruit Industries)
  • The future of rapid prototyping — by Simon Ford (ARM mbed, Engineer)
  • Robust design — by George Novacek (Engineer, Retired Aerospace Executive)
  • Twenty-five essential embedded system design principles — by Bob Japenga (Embedded Systems Engineer, Co-Founder, Microtools Inc.)
  • Mixed-signal designs: the 25 errors you’ll make at least once — by Robert Lacoste (Founder, Alciom; Engineer)
  • User interface tips for embedded designers — by Curt Twillinger (Engineer)
  • Thinking in terms of hardware platforms, not chips — by Clemens Valens (Engineer, Elektor)
  • The future of FPGAs — by Colin O’Flynn (Engineer)
  • The future of e-learning for engineers and programmers — by Marty Hauff (e-Learning Specialist, Altium)
  • And more!

Featuring interviews with:

A special thanks goes out to our dedicated readers and clients. Your support over the years has been overwintering and we look forward to seeing what the next 25 year will bring. Both for Circuit Cellar and the embedded electronics industry at large!