Design Challenges

Bringing an idea to project completion can be challenging!

Atmel AVR 2004 Design Contest – Grand Prize
Color TFT LCD Controller
Michal Sieluzycki

Atmel AVR Design Contest 2006 – Grand Prize
Alberto Ricci Bitti

Atmel Design Logic 2001 – First Place
MPSLIC: A Single-chip FPSLIC MP3 Decoder and Player
Geva Patz

Cypress PSoC 2002 – Third Place
Robert Lacoste

Cypress PSOC 2004 – First Prize
Earth Field Magnetometer
Richard Wotiz

DesignSpark chipKIT 2011 – Honorable Mention
Internet-Enabled Multizone Thermostat
Curtis Brooks

Freescale 2004 Wireless Design Challenge – Second Honor
Musical Gloves
Steve Kranish

Luminary Micro DesignStellaris 2006 – Honorable Mention
SD Card Display Controller
Sylvain Davaine

Motorola E-Field 2003 – Grand Prize
Steven Nickels

Motorola Flash Innovation 2003 – Grand Prize
Remote Observation Station
Richard Dreher

Microchip 16-Bit Embedded Control Contest 2007 – Subcategory Prize (Effective Use of SMPS Resources)
MiniTron Amplifier
George Anderson

Microchip Mad Dash for Flash Cash 2002 – Honorable Mention
Seeker II—An Autonomous Mini-Sumo Robot
Jon Hylands

NXP mbed Design Challenge 2010- First Prize
(VI)sualizer: A Smart Electronic Load
Hexley Ball

Philips ARM Design Contest 2005 – First Prize
Bernard Debbasch

Renesas H8 Design 2003 – Honorable Mention
Handheld Power Meter
Seenath Punnakkal and Sameer Cholayil

Renesas M16C Design Contest 2005 – Honorable Mention
Hand Speak
Hoa Phan and Nghia Tran

Renesas RL78 Green Energy Challenge 2012

Texas Instruments DesignStellaris 2010 – Honorable Mention
ACC PIN Reader
Aleksander Borysiuk

WIZnet iEthernet Design Contest 2007 – Honorable Mention
Travel WIZard
Matthew Pennell & Aaron Thomas

WIZnet iMCU 2010 Design Contest – Second Place
A Green Solution to Basement Humidity Control
David Penrose

ZILOG 2004 Flash Nets Cash Design Contest – Second Prize
Low-Cost Four-Channel Network Video Server
Eric Gagnon