Workspaces & Circuit Cellars

Workspaces and circuit cellars are where innovators design, hack, create, program, and debug electronics and new embedded systems. Here we feature interesting workspaces from around the world.

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F. Dixon’s Bright Space in Sydney


J. Cumps’s Electronics Small-Footprint “Mancave”


R. Alvarez’s Portable Workspace in Cochabamba, Bolivia


G. O’Brien’s Toronto-Based Robotics & Vintage Electronics Lab


R. Laughton’s Multifunctional Space in London


J. Lefebvre’s “Personal Hackerspace” in Lyon


R. Berres’s Space for Radio & Metrology

W. Matthes’s Two Labs in Dortmund

H. Tucher’s “Hobby Room” in Nuremberg

H. Wihr’s Vertically Sufficient Space in Burghausen


C.Tauraso’s Quiet Place in Trieste


B. Hiew’s “Humble” Engineering Workspace in Penang


Sjoerd Brandsma’s “Engineering Magic” Workspace in Kerkwijk

The Elektor Lab in Limbricht

H. Stegeman’s Dutch “Comfort Zone”

A. Vroegop’s  Power Electronics Design Space


C. Coballes’s Open-Source Workspace in Quezon City, Philippines


J. Ganssle’s Serene Workspace in Finksburg, MD

A. Anderson’s Organized Space in Polson, MT

D. Bellerose’s Full Shed in Lady Lake, FL

J. Blankenship’s Developing, Designing, and Writing Workspace in Vero Beach, FL

G. Charvat’s Workspace for Small Radar Systems and More in Westbrook, CT

C. Coulston’s Dual-Role Desk in Erie, PA

D. Boman’s Well-Organized Workspace in Chandler, AZ

J. Brown’s Garage-Based Lab in Camarillo, CA

J. Harvey’s Workspace for Electromechanical Projects in West Newfield, ME

T. Kibalo’s Well-Lighted Space in Annapolis, MD

S. Lubbers’s “Design Dungeon” in Dayton, OH

J. Amodio’s Rat’s Nest-Less Space in San Antonio, TX

B. Boegler’s DIY Space in W. Bloomfield, MI

M. Hamilton’s RL78 Challenge-Winning Space in Lewisville, TX

S. Hendrix’s “Pure Function” Workspace in Sagamore Hills, OH

V. Himpe’s Two-Bench Space in San Jose, CA

S. Karg’s Design Nook in Birmingham, AL

M. Sydor’s Transformable Space in Succasunna, NJ

B. Porter’s Innovation Space in Panama City Beach, FL