WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge Main

Join the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution! It’s time to Connect the Magic with WIZnet’s WIZ550io Ethernet module!

If you have an idea for an innovative, ’Net-enabled electronics system, this is your opportunity to share your original design with the world. Enter the WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge for a chance to win a share of $15,000 in prizes and gain recognition by Elektor International Media and Circuit Cellar. Eligible entries will be judged on their technical merit, originality, usefulness, cost-effectiveness, and design optimization.

The Entry Submission Deadline (August 3, 2014) for the Challenge has passed. All submitted Entries are being processed. Eligible Entries will be judged in the coming days. 

The WIZ550io Module & W5500 Chip

Free WIZnet WIZ550io Ethernet controller modules were available while supplies lasted. There are currently no more free modules available.

WIZnet's WIZ550io auto configurable Ethernet controller module includes a W5500, transformer, & RJ-45.

WIZ550io Ethernet controller module

WIZnet’s WIZ550io is an ideal module for rapidly developing ’Net-enabled systems. It is an auto-configurable Ethernet controller module that includes the W5500 (TCP/IP-hard-wired chip and PHY embedded), a transformer, and an RJ-45 connector.

The module has a unique, embedded real MAC address and auto network configuration capability.

When powered on, the WIZ550io initializes itself with the MAC and default IP address and can be pinged from your computer. Thus, you don’t need to write MAC and network information such as an IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address.



The W5500 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables Internet connection for embedded systems using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI).