FDMA Digital PMR Chipset


CMX7131/CMX7141 FDMA dPMR chipset

Built on CML’s flexible FirmASIC technology, CMX7131/CMX7141 Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) digital private mobile radio (dPMR) processors now include direct connection to the CMX994 direct conversion receiver IC. The chipset enables a single radio platform to deliver multiple dPMR systems.

Several CMX7131/CMX7141 function images support direct connection to the CMX994 DCRx IC. Function images include a comprehensive feature set and encompass much of each system air interface, minimizing the overall host support required. DCRx enables on-chip integration, so a small RF receiver can be produced with minimal external components.

The combination of the CMX7131/CMX7141 and CMX994 enables a high-integration, multi-standard FDMA D/A PMR that is well suited for next-generation FDMA dPMR radio designs. The CMX7131/CMX7141 and function images are available with low-power 3.3-V operation in small VQFN/LQFP packaging.

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