Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 304)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s November 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.304-empty-grid-(key)


  1. DRYCELL—A battery cell with a paste electrolyte (two words)
  2. RAIL—Part of a power supply that has the highest voltage or current-delivery capability
  3. DECADE—10 consecutive units
  4. TELSA—Flex density unit
  5. LOGARITHM—Computational system based on powers of 10
  6. PEAK—Brief increase in signal energy
  7. SHUNT—To bypass
  8. SIBILANCE—Vocal sound
  9. INFRASONIC—Range of sound frequencies below 20 Hz


  1. PASCAL—1 newton/cm2
  2. XTAL—Crystal
  4. GATE—Automatic control circuit that sets the threshold level at which a dynamic processor starts to take effect
  5. ZERO—Null
  6. DRIFT—Shift of circuit parameters away from optimum settings
  7. TANGENT—Straight line that touches a circle at a single point
  8. CORE—Hub around which the windings of a transformer or inductor are wrapped
  9. EMITTER—Region of a bipolar transistor into which electrons are introduced to the semiconductor material
  10. UNIPIVOT—Single pivot
  11. NANO—1,000,000,000

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 303)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s October 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.303 crossword grid (key)


  1. QUANTA—Discrete particlesThe
  3. DIFFRACTION—Bending of energy waves
  4. BINARY—Offs and ons
  5. GANGED—Physically coupled to work in unison
  6. TETRODE—Vacuum tube with a plate, control grid, screen grid, and cathode
  7. INDUCTOR—Coil
  9. POLE—Point of maximum electrical polarity
  10. FLOWCHART—Depicts a sequence of operations


  1. PASCAL—1 newton/cm2
  2. PROPAGATION—Dissemination of energy
  3. FEMTO—One quadrillionth
  4. NICAD—Rechargeable battery
  5. ANGSTROM—10–4 micrometer
  6. RECTIFIER—Diode used to convert AC to DC
  7. PARITY—Equal to
  8. HARDWIRED—Soldered permanently
  9. DEMODULATOR—Circuit that extracts modulations from an RF signal
  10. ANTIPHASE—180° out of phase

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 302)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s September 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.

Across302 puzzle (key)

  1. DAMP—Decrease amplitude
  2. LUX—Light intensity
  3. PLANCK—Quantum theory
  4. ASIMOV—The Great Explainer
  5. CAPACITOR—Leyden jar
  6. GALVANOMETER—Measures small electrical currents by means of deflecting magnetic coils
  7. FERROUS—Metal containing iron
  8. IBM—Big Blue
  10. SPEEDOFLIGHT—˜3.00×10 super 8 m/s


  3. LORENTZFORCE—F = qE + qv × B
  4. PACKET—Chunk of data
  5. APPLE—Introduced the LISA computer in 1983
  6. PETABYTE—1 quadrillion bytes
  7. VHF—Range = 30 and 300 MH
  8. CRC—Error-detecting code
  9. BAT—Batch file
  10. TQFP—Thinner than QFP

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 301)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s August 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.301 crosswordgrid


  2. NODE—Point of minimum amplitude
  3. AVOGADRO—6.0221415×1023 atoms/mole?
  4. DECODE—Covert a digital signal back to an analog signal
  5. ROGERS—Founded MIT in 186
  6. STATOR—Non-rotating part of an electric motor
  7. NIBBLE—A half-byte
  9. TETRODE—Vacuum tube with four elements
  10. FILTERSLOPE—The steepness or severity of a filter’s attenuation [two words]
  11. OMNIDIRECTIONAL—Uniform propagation of energy in all directions


  1. BITERROR—The loss of a single bit in a digital word [two words]
  2. KLUDGE—Poor solution
  3. BIDIRECTIONAL—A figure-eight polar pattern
  4. HANDSHAKE—Signal exchange to start or finish a function
  5. TRACE—A line of conductive material on a PCB
  6. JFET—FET in which the gate consists of a p-n junction
  7. YOTTA—1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  8. NINE—Nonet
  9. NTSC—Analog television system
  10. DELIMIT—Set limits
  11. IRON—Fe

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 300)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s July 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.300grid (key)


  1. ABAMPERE—abA; Biot
  2. COULOMB—6.28 x 1018 electrons
  3. VOLTA—19th-century physicist credited with inventing the first battery
  4. NEGATIVE—Anion charge
  5. ZERO—False value
  6. MEGABAUD—1,000 kBd
  7. MANTISSA—Significand
  8. EULER—e (italicized); Leonhard
  9. MOTE—Sensor node
  10. EXCIMER—“Excited dimer”, laser


  1. DRAM—Robert Dennard, IBM, 1967
  2. APOLLO—“Guidance Computer” invented in 1966 at The Charles Start Draper Laboratory for spacecraft navigation and control
  3. PICO—1,000–4
  4. LILIENFELD—Patented the FET in 1925
  6. FORTRAN—Scientific programming language developed in the 1950s by John Backus and IBM
  7. FLIPFLOP—Two stable states; latch
  8. EXA—10 super 18
  9. FLUX—Unijunction can be used to measure this
  10. DECI—1,000–1/3

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 299)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s June 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available. 299-Grid-(key)


  1. CURRENT—Eddy
  2. LUMEN—A lux is one per square meter
  3. KILBY—Nobel prize for physics in 2000
  4. EXABIT—1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits
  5. ARITY—Programming term for the number of arguments or operands a function or operator takes
  6. PION—Pi meson
  7. STATOHM—Five of these equals approximately 4.5 × 1012 ?
  8. LIN—Bus system for automotive networks
  9. PATCH—Supplemental software as a fix
  10. BITERROR—Incorrect reading of a bit [2 words]


  1. XTAL—Crystal
  2. MINIMA—Lowest point in the domain of a function
  3. FLEMING—Electrical engineer (1849–1945) who designed the thermionic valve
  4. HERTZ—Cycles/second
  6. TRIVALENT—A valence of 3
  7. ANECHOIC—Absent of sound
  8. FILTER—Blocks or allows to pass
  9. GND—Ground
  10. ACID—pH < 7

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 298)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s May 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.298-crossword-grid-(key)


  1. ATTOSECOND—10-18 of a second
  2. SHIELDING—A barrier of conductive or magnetic matter
  3. HAPTIC—Relating to touch
  4. BEAMFORMING—Signal processing for sensor arrays
  5. SCRIPT—A sequence, instructions
  6. TRIMPOT—A small potentiometer used for making preset adjustments in a circuit
  7. LUX—Light intensity
  8. DEMAGNETIZE—Degauss
  9. XENON—Xe
  10. COAXIAL—Sharing the same axis
  11. DECIBEL—0.1 bel


  1. CENTIMETER—0.3937 inches
  2. CATWHISKER—Flexible sharp wire that connects to a semiconductor crystal’s surface [two words]
  3. FEMTO—0.000000000000001
  4. SUBSONIC—Less than 15 Hz
  5. IMPULSE—An abrupt burst of signal energy
  6. ALTERNATOR—Mechanically driven generator of AC electricity
  7. HOMEBREW—DIY, homemade
  8. AMPHOUR—Current flow over time
  9. BAUD—200 bits per second = 200 what?

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 297)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s April 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.297-puzzle-(key)


  1. RELAY—A switch actuated by another electrical signal
  2. OFFSET—A permanent deviation from the design center of any device or circuit
  3. DIP—A component for a PCB use that has pins arranged in two parallel rows
  4. DECIBEL—1/10th of a Bel
  5. ENCODE—Convert analog information to digital data
  6. DAMP—Suppress a resonance by absorbing stored energy through the application of mechanical or electrical friction
  7. DELIMIT—To define or set limits on the boundaries of something
  8. LOOP—Two electrically conductive paths carrying the same signal
  9. CHARGE—State of having a stored excess or deficiency of electrons, which imparts electrostatic polarity to a capacitor or object
  10. DECIMALS—10.1 mal equals 10 what?
  11. OVERSHOOT—The tendency for a rapidly increasing or decreasing electrical impulse to exceed momentarily its actual peak level


  1. CENTIMETER—0.3937 inches
  2. COAXIAL—Sharing the same axis
  3. FIELD—A volume of space through which any radiated energy is distributed
  4. DETECTOR—A circuit that extracts the modulations from a carrier
  5. CELL—An electrochemical unit for producing DC electricity
  6. CARDIOID—Heart-shaped
  7. PATCH—Reroute a signal to a different circuit
  8. JOULE—An “erg” is a unit of work equal to 1–7 of these
  9. FRAME—A digital signal comprises a series of these

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 295)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s February 2015 electrical engineering crossword puzzle are now available.295puzzle


2. COMMON—A connection or conductor that a number of circuits share
5. TRIODE—Comprises a cathode, plate, and control grid
6. SKINEFFECT—The tendency for electrons at high frequencies to travel along the surface of a conductor [two words]
7. IBM—Big Blue
10. SHEATH—Tube that protects a bundle of wires
15. AVOGADRO—6.0221415 × 1023 atoms/mole
17. CONDENSER—A capacitor
18. MEGA—M
19. QFACTOR—Measures the damping of resonator modes


3. OSCILLATION—Self-sustaining generation of a continuous electrical signal
4. SELFBIAS—Cathode bias [two words]
8. MANCHESTER—In this code, common in telecommunications, each bit of data is represented by at least one voltage level transition.
12. TANGENT—Straight line that touches a circuit a single point
13. MALE—Hot signal connector
14. FERROUS—Containing iron
16. OHMSLAW—R = V/I [two words]
17. CBAR—0.01 bar

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 294)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s January 2015 electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.294-crossword-(key)


  1. SHIELD—Conductive cover that isolates equipment from electromagnetic interference
  3. NINE—A nonet is a grouping of what?
  4. LIMITER—A device that prevents signal peaks from exceeding max levels
  5. HERTZ—One cycle per second.
  6. DIP—Dual inline package
  8. MOCKUP—Non-working model of a system
  9. PETABYTE—1 quadrillion bytes
  10. PATCH—Reroute a signal to a different circuit
  11. RF—Electromagnetic signals with frequency > 70 kHz


  1. SMOOTHINGCIRCUIT—A filter for removing spurious noise from a power supply
  3. POINTSOURCE—Small energy source that has no effect on its directivity
  4. SHUNT—Component that bypasses another component
  5. GERMANIUM—Semiconductor material used in solid-state diodes and photocells
  6. DAMP—Suppress resonance
  7. DYNE—10 micronewtons
  8. CBAR—0.01 bar
  9. ERG—10–7 joules

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 293)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s December electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.293-crossword-(key)


  1. AMPACITY—Max electrical current
  2. HUMREDUCTION—Use a bridge rectifier driven from an 8- to 12-V transformer winding, a capacitive filter, and a three-terminal IC voltage regulator to achieve this [two words]
  3. EMI—Radiated spurious EM energy
  4. BINARY—Offs and Ons
  5. PASCAL—1 newton/cm2
  6. QUARTZ—Timing crystal
  7. ETCHING—The production of a printed circuit through the removal of unwanted areas of copper foil from a circuit board
  8. CROSSTALK—Caused when one circuit’s signal creates an unwanted effect on another
  9. BUCK—Switched-mode power supply converter
  10. BETATRON—Designed to accelerate electron
  11. BIDIRECTIONAL—Radiating toward or receiving from the front and back only
  12. CRYOTRON—Operates via superconductivity


  1. STOKESSHIFT—Can reduce photon energy [two words]
  2. INPUT—Signal in
  3. ATTO—0.000000000000000001
  4. NOISECANCELLATION—Eliminates out-of-phase information [two words]
  5. MAL—10 Decimals equals?
  6. RAMP—Linearly rising signal
  7. FORCE—Newton
  8. KEYED—OOK is on/off what?
  9. BUS—Common path for several signals

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 292)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s November electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.292-crossword-(key)


  1. BITS—A nibble is 4 of these
  3. MICRO—Metric Prefix for 0.000001
  4. PATCH—To re-route a signal to a different circuit
  5. TOKEN—Used for authentication
  6. RELAY—A switch that is actuated by another electrical signal
  7. JITTER—The deviation of some aspect of a digital signal’s pulses
  8. RHEOSTAT—A variable resistor
  9. LUX—Lx
  10. VOLTA—Italian physicist who invented the first batteries
  12. CONDUIT—Wire piping
  13. PIGTAIL—Short wire connecting components
  14. RECTIFIER—A diode, used for converting AC into DC


  1. SCHOTTKY—High-speed diode that has very little junction capacitance
  3. INRUSH—A sudden input current surge
  4. CRESTFACTOR—The ratio of the peak value to the RMS value (two words)
  5. MICROFARAD—1,000,000 pF
  6. ANALOG—Constant signal processing



Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 291)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s October electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.291crossword (key)


4.     PARAMETRON—Phase-locked oscillator

8.     UNBALANCED—Single-ended

9.     STRAY—Unwanted capacitance

10.   LEYDENJAR—Early capacitor [two words]

12.   ELECTROLYTE—Conducting fluid

14.   CROSSTALK—Caused when one circuit’s signal creates an unwanted effect on another

16.   ANECHOIC—Absorbs sound or electromagnetic wave reflections

17.   BIFILAR—Used in bipolar power-supply transformers to improve output voltage symmetry

18.   CRYSTALRECTIFIER—Semiconductor diode [two words]

19.   DOPPLEREFFECT—Frequency change that occurs when emitter and receiver move in unison [two words]


1.     BLEEDER—A resistor that draws the critical amount of load current

2.     GAUSSMETER—Detects magnetic anomalies

3.     HETERODYNE—Two frequencies combine to produce new ones

5.     SURFACEMOUNT—Place components directly on PCBs [two words]

6.     HASH—Garbage or gibberish

7.     GALVANOMETER—Measures small voltages

11.   RECTIFIER—Passes current in only one direction

13.   CATWHISKER—Sharp, flexible wire that connects to a semiconductor crystal’s surface [two words]

15.   ANOTRON—Cold-cathode-glow discharge diode


Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 290)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s September electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.CrosswordEmptyGrid (key)


2.     THREE—Trivalent valence

3.     PHYSICS—Kilby’s Noble Prize in 2000

5.     INVERTER—Converts DC to AC

8.     BATCH—BAT file

9.     MAXIM—Founded ARRL in 1914

10.   KEYBOARD—If you are AFK, what are you away from?

11.   UPENN—University that housed the ENIAC in a 30’ × 40’ room

12.   HERTZ—1 cycle per second

14.   NIBBLE—4 bits

17.   EXPLAINER—Asimov was the great what?


1.     TRACK—PCB path

3.     PATCH—Quick fix

4.     SNIFFER—Used to monitor network traffic

6.     MAXWELL—A Gauss is one of these per square centimeter

7.     IBM—”Big Blue”

8.     BOOLE—“An Investigation of the Laws of Thought” (1854)

13.   TOGGLE—Move from setting A to B

15.   BLUE—Screen of death

16.   NINE—A nonet is a group of what?

17.   EW—Exawatt

Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 289)

The answers to Circuit Cellar’s August electronics engineering crossword puzzle are now available.289PuzzleGrid (key)


1.     FAST—Ethernet at 100 Mbps

3.     FAB—IC factory

6.     XOR—Logic gate

7.     VERILOG—HDL created in the early 1980s by Goel and Moorby

9.     MIL—0.001 inches = 25.4 what?

10.   AMPHOUR—Current flow over time [two words]

13.   SANTOS—Greek national soccer team manager with a degree in electrical engineering

14.   NOLEAD—Quad, flat, … [two words]

16.   BUCK—Step-down

17.   FEMTO—0.000000000000001

18.   GND—Ground pin

19.   NULL—Zero


2.     SLICE—Wafer or substrate

3.     FILO—Antonym for FIFO

4.     QUINARY—Base-5

5.     CODERDECODER—CODEC [two words]

7.     VERSORIUM—Gilbert’s static-detection device

8.     DISSIPATION—Release heat

11.   HAPTIC—Relates to touch

12.   JOULE—1 watt second

15.   DOPING—Process of purposely adding impurities