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Issue #330
January 2018
Powering Drones
6 : Massage Vest Uses PIC32: Controlled with an iOS App, By Harry Freeman, Megan Leszczynski and Gargi Ratnaparkhi
14 : FPGA Design: A Fresh Take: An Alternative to MCUs, By Faiz Rahman
24 : Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 2): Mechanical Design, By Nishant Mittal and Jesudasan Moses
28 : MCU-based Platform Stabilizer: Sensors and Servos, By Jessica Chen, Adam Chung and Ashley Xue
34 : Power Alternatives for Commercial Drones: Solution Options Expand, By Jeff Child
40 : Technology and Test Solutions Advance for 5G: Next-Gen Communications, By Jeff Child
46 : Product Focus: COM Express Boards: Sever-Class Computing, By Jeff Child
52 : ABOVE THE GROUND PLANE: LF Resonator Filter: Frequency Measurements, By Ed Nisley
59 : THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Overstress Protection: Defenses Against EOS, By George Novacek
62: EMBEDDED SYSTEMS ESSENTIALS: Five Fault Injection Attacks: Knowledge is Power, By Colin O’Flynn
68 : FROM THE BENCH: Money Sorting Machines (Part 2): Multi Drop Bus, By Jeff Bachiochi
74 : Product News
79: The Future of Cellular IoT: How LTE Technologies Will Benefit IoT, By Zachary Crockett

Issue #331
February 2018
Driverless Vehicles
6: Video Gaming Console Uses PIC32: Object Oriented Design, By Dongze Yue and Yixiao Zhang
14: Building a VR Arm Tracker: Sensor Fusion in Action, By Emma Wang, Daryl Sew and Zachary Zimmerman
20: Designing a Home Cleaning Robot (Part 3): Circuit Designs, By Nishant Mittal
26: Programmable Ad Hoc Mesh Network: Meshed-Up PICs, By Raghava Kumar, Brian Clark and Alex Wong
34: Electronics Propel Driverless Vehicle Designs Forward: From Assist to Autonomous, By Jeff Child
40: Non-Standard SBCs put Function Over Form: Compact, Low-Power Solutions, By Jeff Child
46: Product Focus: MCU Development Tools: Connectivity Expands, By Jeff Child
50: EMBEDDED IN THIN SLICES: Internet of Things Security (Part 1): Command Injection, By Bob Japenga
54: THE CONSUMMATE ENGINEER: Modulation Fundamentals, By George Novacek
58: THE DARKER SIDE: Shannon and Noise: Putting the Theorem to Work, By Robert Lacoste
64: FROM THE BENCH: Money Sorting Machines (Part 3): Bill Validation, By Jeff Bachiochi
71: Product News
78: Test Your EQ
79: The Future of Industrial IoT: Gearing up for a Post-3G, Sensors Everywhere Era, By Brent Ward