Three-Axis Magnetometer Sensor

SaeligThe IST8301C is a single-chip three-axis digital magnetometer sensor that is housed in a 2.5-mm × 2.5-mm × 1-mm, 12-pin ball-grid array (BGA) package. The integrated chip includes three-axis magnetic sensors with an ASIC controller.

The IST8301C outputs 13-bit data over a ±1,000-µT magnetic field range in a fast-mode 400-kHz I2C digital output. The compact form factor is easily surface mounted and is well suited for high-volume production consumer electronics, navigation systems, and magnetometers.

The IST8301C embeds 32 slots of 16-bit first in, first out (FIFO) data for each of three output channels X, Y, Z. Since the host processor does not need to continuously read data from a sensor, the FIFO’s “wake up only as needed” operation enables consistent system-power saving. Functioning on 2.4 V with a 10-uA standby current and full operation at 300 uA, increased battery life can be attained in many portable applications.

The IST8301C offers a ±1° heading accuracy and a ±10-gauss magnetic field range. The sensor includes anti-offset and anti-temperature to help eliminate errors caused by temperature and factory mismatch.

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