Data Acquisition Card with Real-Time Data Calculation

HBMHBM’s GN610 and GN611 isolated 1-kV data cards now include real-time data calculation capabilities. The new cards feature an isolated data acquisition card, which enables the data recorders to perform real-time calculations on the fly while providing users with immediate results.

The new card also helps Genesis High Speed recorders calculate more precise results. The 1-kV card provides values per half cycle at sampling rates of up to 2 million samples per second at voltages up to 1,000 V. For example, users can see dynamic data (e.g., currents and voltages) produced when an electric motor is accelerated.

The system’s sampling rate can be automatically switched following a trigger event in the real-time calculation channels. Maximum sampling rates are only used for particularly critical measurement events. This results in smaller data files, which increases testing efficiency.

The Genesis 1-kV card ensures fast and secure processing of large data sets, improving how the software streams data to memory and displays it to the user.

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