Client Profile: Anaren Inc.

Anaren, Inc.
6635 Kirkville Road
Syracuse, NY 13057

Anaren, Inc.Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) modules are tiny, surface-mountable, pre-certified transceiver modules based on Texas Instruments’s (TI) low-power RF chips—and they are designed to ease development of wireless functionality for non-RF savvy OEMs. More information is available at

AIR modules reduce time and costs associated with adding wireless capability to a wide range of electronic products, given that they are easy-to-implement (e.g., small format, SMT technology), pre-certified to FCC, IC, or ESTI (saving many certification expenses), and supported by a range of development tools (e.g., the new CC2530 BoosterPack kit for development of ZigBee standard applications using TI’s MSP430 or Stellaris LaunchPad kits).

Anaren, Inc.