Client Profile: Anaren IoT Group

Anaren IoT Group
6635 Kirkville Road
Syracuse, NY 13057


Since its inception, Anaren’s IoT Group has enabled millions of wirelessly connected things, using Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Cellular, LPWAN and proprietary RF technologies.  Anaren IoT offers its Atmosphere IoT cloud software, integrated sensor-to-cloud solutions and related professional services to IoT developers and commercial customers. 

The company has a proven record of accomplishment in delivering valuable automation tools and building blocks to wireless product developers.  To date, Anaren has sold millions of wireless modules, and more than 30,000 wireless development kits.  Through its cloud-based solution, Atmosphere, Anaren directly supports the efforts of thousands of registered online developers.

Atmosphere has an innovative drag-and-drop interface and rich toolkit, which, when combined with its Amazon Web Services (AWS)-powered cloud hosting service, enables IoT developers to create, deploy and manage complete embedded, mobile, and cloud applications faster than anything other solutions currently available. 

Satisfied customers Create, Deploy and Manage solutions with the Atmosphere development platform.  Then, once developed, users create and connect their own cloud instance and are market ready within weeks instead of months or years.