Hackerspaces, Clubs, & Societies

Hackerspaces, clubs, and engineering societies are popping up all over the world. The work done by participants in these groups ranges from MCU-based group design projects to electronics workshops and lectures. Areas of interest are wide-ranging: embedded electronics, robotics, wireless technologies, audio technologies, IT security, EE art, and more.

Here we feature information about hackerspaces and clubs from around the globe.

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Maker Works (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)


Maker Works is an Ann Arbor, MI-based group with a 14,000-square-foot space for makers interested in electronics, metal, wood, and crafts. Location 3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Members 60+ Website www.maker-works.com Read about what Co-Founder Dale Grover has to say about Maker Works. … Continue reading

Nesit (Meriden, CT, USA)


NESIT wants to create, educate, and foster learning in the fields of various technological and other disciplines. They reap the benefits of productivity through volunteer collaboration. Location 290 Pratt St., Meriden CT 06450 Members 30 Website nesit.org Read about what … Continue reading

Artisan’s Asylum (Somerville, MA, USA)


Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA has the mission to promote and support the teaching, learning, and practicing of all varieties. Soumen Nandy is the Front Desk, General Volunteer, and Village Idiot of Artisan’s Asylum and she decided to tell us a … Continue reading

TinkerMill (Longmont, CO, USA)

cropped-TinkerMill_logo_final-even-smaller (1)

TinkerMill is a Hacker/Makerspace from Longmont, CO. Where like-minded people get together and collaborate on anything art, technology, science, and business related. Scott Converse is the founder of TinkerMill and tells us about the organization. Location 1250 S. Hover #49, Longmont, CO 80501 Members … Continue reading

HackRVA (Richmond, VA, USA)


HackRVA is a Richmond-based makerspace. They like to take things apart, put them back together, figure out how they work, and create new things. Their mission? To learn and make stuff sharing tools and knowledge in technology; including Arduino, Makerbot, Linux, … Continue reading