Engineering Challenge Giveaway

Congratulations to our Engineering Challenge Giveaway winner:

 Michael Burr!

Michael will be receiving:

  • A copy of CC25, the special 25th anniversary book from Circuit Cellar
  • CC Gold complete archive on USB drive
  • and a one-year subscription (or extension) to Circuit Cellar
  • and a CC25 cap!


This engineering question was originally published in a Circuit Cellar “Test Your EQ” column. The published answer was as follows.

Question – What does this circuit do and what is the purpose of RB1 and RB2? If Vin = +1.073 VDC and the transistor b = 100, what is Vout?

Answer – This is a common emitter amplifier. Resistors RB1 and RB2 set the bias point of the transistor’s base. CB is a DC-blocking capacitor and this is basically an AC amplifier. If Vin is a DC voltage, it will have no affect on Vout.

Thank you to everyone who participated and submitted answers. We had several correct responses, proving you really know your electronics engineering! Keep an eye out for future giveaways, contests, and trivia here, on our Facebook Page and our Twitter feed.