Editorial Calendar

For 2018, Circuit Cellar’s editorial calendar has been expanded to ensure we cover all the most critical embedded technology topics important to today’s engineering professional.

Each month features calendar topics in these three sections:

Special Feature —  As its name implies, this section zeros in on the major application and design topics that are driving today’s embedded electronics industry.

Technology Spotlight — This section shines a light on the emerging trends and technologies most critical to developing microcontroller- and embedded processor-based systems.

Product Focus — This product roundup style section focuses in on the representative products within one major category each month.

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2018 Editorial Calendar

  Special Feature Technology Spotlight Product Focus
Jan Powering Commercial Drones 5G Technology and Testing COM Express boards

Bonus Distribution:  CES, Embedded World
Article Submissions Due: 10/1/2017

Feb Electronics for Driverless Vehicles Non-Standard Single Board Computers Microcontroller Development Tools

Article Submissions Due: 11/1/2017

Mar IoT: From Device to Gateway Trace and Code Coverage Tools ADCs and DACs

Bonus Distribution: Trinity College Robot Contest
Article Submissions Due: 12/1/2017

Apr IoT: From Gateway to Cloud Graphics, Video and Displays 32-bit Microcontrollers

Article Submissions Due: 1/2/2018

May PCB Design and Verification Quick Prototyping Solutions PC/104 and PC/104 Family Boards

Article Submissions Due: 2/1/2018

Jun Motion Control for Robotics Sensors and Measurement AC-DC Converters

Bonus Distribution: DAC, Sensors Expo
Article Submissions Due: 3/1/2018

July Wireless Standards and Solutions for IoT Microcontrollers and Processors IoT Device Interface ICs

Article Submissions Due: 4/1/2018

Aug FPGA System Design Extreme Low-Power Design Small and Tiny Embedded Boards

Bonus Distribution: Flash Memory Summit, Hot Chips
Article Submissions Due: 5/1/2018

Sep Video and Communication in Commercial Drones Power Supplies/ Batteries 8-bit and 16-bit Microcontrollers

Bonus Distribution: RoboBusiness
Article Submissions Due: 6/1/2018

Oct Hardware-Based Security Solutions Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs IoT Gateways

Bonus Distribution: SoC Conference, ARM TechCon
Article Submissions Due: 7/1/2018

Nov 3-D Printing for Embedded Design MCU Development Kits FPGA Boards

Article Submissions Due: 8/1/2018

Dec Embedded Supercomputing Industrial IoT Devices DC-DC Converters

Bonus Distribution: ESC Silicon Valley
Article Submissions Due: 9/1/2018


2017 Editorial Calendar

  • 318 January – Submissions Due: 10/1/16
    • Theme: Embedded Applications
    • Bonus Distribution: Embedded World, CES
  • 319 February – Submissions Due: 11/1/16
    • Theme: Wireless Communications
  • 320 March – Submissions Due: 12/1/16
    • Theme: Robotics
    • Special Focus Section: Mobile Robotics/UAV/Drones
    • Bonus Distribution: Trinity College Robot Contest
  • 321 April – Submissions Due: 1/2/17
    • Theme: Embedded Programming
  • 322 May – Submissions Due: 2/1/17
    • Theme: Measurement & Sensors
  • 323 June – Submissions Due: 3/1/17
    • Theme: Communications
    • Special Focus Section: 3-D Printing
    • Bonus Distribution: Design Automation Conference, Sensors Expo
  • 324 July – Submissions Due: 4/1/17
    • Theme: Internet & Connectivity
  • 325 August – Submissions Due: 5/1/17
    • Theme: Embedded Development
    • Bonus Distribution: Flash Memory Summit, Hot Chips
  • 326 September – Submissions Due: 6/1/17
    • Theme: Data Acquisition
    • Special Focus Section: Embedded Security
    • Bonus Distribution: RoboBusiness
  • 327 October – Submissions Due: 7/1/17
    • Theme: Signal Processing
    • Bonus Distribution: SoC Conference
  • 328 November – Submissions Due: 8/1/17
    • Theme: Analog Techniques
    • Bonus Distribution: ARM TechCon
  • 329 December – Submissions Due: 9/1/17
    • Theme:  Programmable Logic
    • Special Focus Section: Graphics
    • Bonus Distribution: ESC Silicon Valley

2016 Editorial Calendar

  • 306 January – Embedded Applications – Submissions Due: 10/1/15
  • 307 February – Wireless Communications – Submissions Due: 11/1/15
  • 308 March – Robotics – Submissions Due: 12/1/15
  • 309 April – Embedded Programming – Submissions Due: 1/2/16
  • 310 May – Measurement & Sensors – Submissions Due: 2/1/16
  • 311 June – Communications – Submissions Due: 3/1/16
  • 312 July – Internet & Connectivity – Submissions Due: 4/1/16
  • 313 August – Embedded Development – Submissions Due: 5/1/16
  • 314 September – Data Acquisition – Submissions Due: 6/1/16
  • 315 October – Signal Processing – Submissions Due: 7/1/16
  • 316 November – Analog Techniques – Submissions Due: 8/1/16
  • 317 December – Programmable Logic – Submissions Due: 9/1/16

Issue Themes

Communications—projects that deal with one computer talking to another (networking), humans talking to one another (voice recorders, telephone gadgets, etc.), humans talking to computers (speech recognition), or computers talking to humans (speech synthesis, text-to-speech). Topics of interest: network protocols, Ethernet, USB, I2C, SPI, and Firewire

Analog Techniques—projects and components dealing with analog signal acquisition and generation. Topics of interest: EMI/RF reduction, high-speed signal integrity, signal conditioning, A/D and D/A converters, analog programmable logic, and low-power, single-supply, and mixed-voltage designs

Data Acquisition—projects, technologies, and algorithms for real-world data gathering and monitoring. Topics of interest: peripheral interfaces, sensors, sensor networks, signal conditioning, A/D and D/A converters, data analysis, and post-processing

Embedded Applications—projects that feature embedded controllers. Topics of interest: automotive applications, test equipment, simulators, consumer electronics, real-time control, and low-power techniques

Embedded Development—tools and techniques used to develop new hardware or software. Topics of interest: prototyping and simulation, emulators, development tools, programming languages, HDL, real-time operating systems, debugging tools, and useful tips and tricks

Embedded Programming—anything that deals with the software used in embedded applications, including algorithms, tools, and techniques. Topics of interest: programming languages, real-time operating systems, embedded Linux, file systems, drivers, network protocols, algorithms, and optimization

Internet & Connectivity—applications that deal with connectivity and Internet-enabling Topics of interest: networking chips, protocol stacks, device servers, and physical layer interfaces

Measurement & Sensors—projects and technologies that deal with sensors, interfaces, and actuators Topics of interest: environmental sensors, smart sensors, one-wire sensors, MEMS sensors, and sensor interface techniques

Programmable Logic—projects that utilize FPGAs, PLDs, and other programmable logic chips  Topics of interest: Tips and tricks for design-in, core-IP (e.g., processor, DSP, peripheral), innovative solutions to traditional design challenges (e.g., initialization, dynamic reconfiguration, security), and the spectrum of hardware and software tools that come into play

Robotics—projects about devices capable of repeating motion sequences, such as self-contained, self-propelled robotic devices, robotic arms, industrial assembly lines, etc. Also, the sensors, actuators, motor controllers, and algorithms primarily targeted for these applications Topics of interest: motor drives, proximity sensing, power control, battery technology/management, electronic compasses, & accelerometers

Signal Processing—projects, technology, and algorithms related to real-time processing of signals such as audio, video, radio, pressure, and acceleration Topics of interest: DSP chips and algorithms, analog programmable logic, signal conditioning, A/D and D/A converters, filters, compression, and comparisons of RISC, DSP, VLIW, etc.

Wireless Communications—technology and methods for going wireless Topics of interest: radio modems, Wi-Fi/IEEE 802.11x, Bluetooth, ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4, cellular, infrared/IrDA, and security applications