Circuit Cellar College Digital Subscription Program — Application & Signup Form

Circuit Cellar’s College Digital Program provides electronics professors and instructors a convenient way to make additional technical materials available to students for class work. By applying to the College Digital Program, a professor or instructor can give students free access to digital subscriptions to Circuit Cellar magazine.

Free Sample – Click to View a Digital Version of Circuit Cellar


  • Only a professor or instructor teaching a university-level course(s) can apply and sign up students for the program via the online form below.
  • At the time of applying, professors, instructors, and students must be currently associated with bona fide institutions of higher learning and involved in courses relating to electrical engineering, computer science, embedded systems, programming, robotics, or electronics.
  • If the application is accepted, all the registered students will receive free, 1-year digital subscriptions to Circuit Cellar magazine.
  • Circuit Cellar reserves the right approve or cancel a subscription at any time for any reason.


  • It’s Free — Students receive a free digital subscription to Circuit Cellar.
  • It’s Educational — Each month, students are reading articles and tutorials from the world’s best engineers and academics!
  • It’s Inspirational — Each year, Circuit Cellar publishes several full-length articles by students and university teams. Such articles will inspire your students to submit articles proposals along with their peers!
  • It’s Current — Each month, students will learn about the newest technologies on the market—from microcontrollers to FPGAs to wireless applications to software tech—and they’ll stay informed about happenings in the electrical engineering community.
  • It’s Special — As subscribers, students will be eligible for special subscriber-only promotions and discounts on Circuit Cellar and partner products.


  • You Sign Up — Complete the online application form below. Add your students’ email addresses in the space provided in the form. If accepted, each email address will be assigned a free, 1-year subscription.
  • Approval — Circuit Cellar staff will determine eligibility requirements are met.
  • Activate Your Subscription — Once you and your students are approved, you will receive email notification. You and each student then must individually activate your subscriptions. It’s easy:
    • Go to:
    • In the login window, click “Forgot your username or password click here”
    • Type in your email address. (Students type in their addresses.)
    • You and your students will receive an email to reset your passwords.
    • Open the email from “Subscription Services” with the subject line “Password Reset for College Edition – Circuit Cellar Magazine” (Note: If email isn’t in Inbox, check Spam folder.)
    • Click link to “Reset Password” and create new password
  • Subscribed — Once you and your students have active subscriptions, you can access Circuit Cellar (and 2 back issues) any time at


Let us know if you have any questions.


Q: What is a digital edition of Circuit Cellar and how do I read it?

A: It is a high-resolution replica of Circuit Cellar magazine. You can view your digital edition in two different ways. (1) You can read it via the online flipbook reader, which launches as soon as you log in at (2) You can read it as a high-res PDF, which you can download once you log in at

Q: Who can apply for the College Digital Subscription Program?

A: Only professors, instructors, and administrators at bona fide institutions of higher learning.

Q: I am a student. How do I get a free subscription?

A: Ask your professor or instructor to sign up you and your classmates at

Q: My professor signed me up and I activated my account with my email address. Where do I get my magazine each month?

A: Go to: You can go to at any time and read the current issue (as well as some back issues). You can also download a high-res PDF.

Q: When is each new issue of Circuit Cellar available?

A: Circuit Cellar is a monthly magazine. Each new digital issue should be available at about 1 week prior to its published month. For example, the February issue should be available during or before the last week of January.

Q: If I am signed up for the College Program, am I also on the College Program mailing list?

A: Yes. Your email will automatically be added for you. You can unsubscribe from the email list at any time from within the email.

Q: Circuit Cellar used to send physical copies of the magazine to my university. Why doesn’t it do so anymore?

A: Circuit Cellar replaced its old college program with this new digital program. Very simply, it’s more efficient, cost effective, and fast to offer digital editions. With that said, we still offer paid print subscriptions for anyone who wants one.

Q: I need help with my subscription!

A: Contact our customer service staff