Weekly Elektor Wrap Up: Design West, RL78 Challenge, a Robot Kit, & More!

Last week was busy for the international Elektor staff. In San Jose, CA, the team announced along with Circuit Cellar and Renesas the launch of the Renesas RL78 Green Energy Challenge, met with members at the Design West conference booth, held meetings with various clients, and reviewed the latest and greatest embedded technologies.

Along with IAR Systems, Renesas is challenging engineers around the world to enter the RL78 challenge and build energy-efficient, low-power applications using the RL78 MCU and IAR toolchain. Winners can take home a share of $17,500 in Grand Prizes from Renesas, and the Grand Prize winner will also win a free trip to Renesas DevCon in October 2012.

RL78 Kit

Traffic at the conference booth was steady as usual. Members and clients visited to discuss the Elektor group’s magazines (Elektor, Circuit Cellar, and audioXpress), books, kits, and projects.

As for exciting embedded technologies, staff reported on new 8-bit MCUs from Microchip Technology, interesting compiler-related announcements from companies like IAR Systems, Intel’s seven-Atom “industrial orchestra,” and more. (Keep watching CircuitCellar.com for more reports on Design West announcements and events.)

Intel's "Industrial Controller in Concert" featured seven Atom processors, four operating systems, 36 paint ball hoppers, and 2300 rubber balls, a video camera for motion sensing, a digital synthesizer, a multi-touch display, and more.

Visit Elektor’s news page for information posted last week about a two-legged wireless robot kit, a solar-powered Wikipedia Server, and more.

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