New Electrical Installation Calculation Software

Trace Software International recently released elec calc 2017, which is a software solution that enables the real-time sizing of electrical installations. elec calc complies with various international standards.elec-calc Trace

Features, specs, and benefits:

  • Calculations: power balance calculation; cable cross-section calculation; operating modes; load balancing; electrical selectivity; and electrical back-up
  • Contextual menus, a ribbon interface, and an UNDO/REDO button available for all features
  • Intellisense feature facilitates and accelerates production of the one-line diagram by suggesting components to be connected to the selected one
  • A personal library containing saved plans and components
  • Several types of sources simulating different scenarios
  • Short-circuit currents calculated according to IEC 60909 using the method of symmetrical components or according to the method of installation IEC 60354
  • Electrical calculation report
  • Single-line diagram
  • Excel import/export module
  • Export module to elecworks or Solidworks Electrical
  • Equipment/component/manufacturer database

Source: Trace Software International