Gordon Margulieux Wins the CC Code Challenge (Week 29)

We have a winner of last week’s CC Weekly Code Challenge, sponsored by IAR Systems! We posted a code snippet with an error and challenged the engineering community to find the mistake!

Congratulations to Gordon Margulieux of Oregon, United States for winning the CC Weekly Code Challenge for Week 29! Gordon will receive an Elektor 2012 & 2011 Archive DVD.

Gordon’s correct answer was randomly selected from the pool of responses that correctly identified an error in the code. Gordon answered:

Line 10: Conditional should be “if (number == 0)” instead of number < 0


You can see the complete list of weekly winners and code challenges here.

What is the CC Weekly Code Challenge?
Each week, Circuit Cellar’s technical editors purposely insert an error in a snippet of code. It could be a semantic error, a syntax error, a design error, a spelling error, or another bug the editors slip in. You are challenged to find the error.Once the submission deadline passes, Circuit Cellar will randomly select one winner from the group of respondents who submit the correct answer.

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Submission Deadline: The deadline for each week’s challenge is Sunday, 12 PM EST. Refer to the Rules, Terms & Conditions for information about eligibility and prizes.