Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 320)

The answers to Circuit Cellar 320‘s crossword are now available.320-empty-grid-(key)


  1. BRIDGE—Connects two LANs or two sections of the same LAN
  2. ZETTABYTE—1,180,591,620,717,411,303,424 bytes
  3. HELIX—Spring-shaped curve
  5. HAMMING—Code that detects single- and double-bit errors
  6. DEGAUSS—Decrease magnetism
  7. NULL—Character with bits set to zero
  8. MECHATRONICS—Mechanics + electronics + computing
  9. INFINITE—Unending series
  10. PICOSECOND—One trillionth of a second


  1. QUARTZ—Timing crystal
  2. RHEOSTAT—A variable resistor
  3. DUTY—Time of one on/off cycle
  4. CASCADING—Circuits feeding one another
  5. PHOTONICS—Science of light
  6. FIRMWARE—Program in read-only memory
  7. ENIAC—30-ton computer; UPENN; 1946
  9. FERRIC—Magnetic tape coating that uses iron oxide
  10. SONAR—A method for detecting objects, especially those under water, with sound waves
  11. BITMAP—2-D pixel array