Circuit Cellar’s New Look

Circuit Cellar has a new look and more content! The September issue will feature CC’s new logo, layout, and magazine sections. Here’s a quick peek.

The new CC logo:

The new CC layout:

The new CC content and features:

  • QR codes and direct links to code, project files, parts lists, videos, and more
  • A “CC Community” section that spotlights people, happenings, and news in the CC, Elektor, and greater embedded systesms community
  • Ayse Coskun’s “Green Computing” column

The issue will hit newsstands in late August.



5 thoughts on “Circuit Cellar’s New Look

  1. It looks to me like you have cut article content by about 30%. Articles now have extra wide margins but I noticed the ads are still full page. What’s wrong, Authors can’t write enough to fill the pages. Looks to me like the new ownership is driving the last good magazine into the toilet. Articles are more fluff and no content in last few issues. You are responsible for a legacy here, don’t mess it up.

    • Thanks for touching base. Please don’t let the modern, updated layout deceive you. We haven’t reduced the size articles or the quantity. In fact, we’ve added more authors and taken on 2 new columnists! Yes, we have incorporated more white space. How did we do that without reducing the amount of article content? We did the following … (1. Trimmed the amount of long URLs in every article. We now direct readers to our website for all the long-form content that we used to run in the RESOURCES/REFERENCES section in the old layout. (2. We are using margins for many captions, rather than actual article content space. (3. We consolidated non-article sections, such as product news, the engineering quotient, and crossword. (4. We have begun phasing out small ads that take up article space. Lastly, please note that we have not changed our article specs or submission requirements. They are the same as they have been for more than 10 years.

  2. Seems the new CCPost makes it a bit more interesting to find out when there is an updated version of the magazine on the download site. Previous to this in the CC notes, there would be a clear link to the next issue. I seemed to have bypassed the September issue as a result. I was able to retrieve it in the downloads, but I may need to start putting a calendar reminder to check for a new issue.

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