Traveling With a “Portable Workspace”

Raul_Alvarez_Workspace _Photo_1

As a freelance engineer, Raul Alvarez spends a lot of time on the go. He says the last four or five years he has been traveling due to work and family reasons, therefore he never stays in one place long … Continue reading


An Engineer Who Retires to the Garage

Jerry Brown sits at his workbench. The black box atop the workbench is an embedded controller and is part of a traffic monitoring system he has been working on.

Jerry Brown, of Camarillo, CA, retired from the aerospace industry five years ago but continues to consult and work on numerous projects at home. For example, he plans to submit an article to Circuit Cellar about a Microchip Technology PIC-based … Continue reading


Ohio-Based “Design Dungeon”

Steve Lubbers describes his workbench as a “work in progress.”

“Steve Ciarcia had a ‘Circuit Cellar.’ I have a ‘Design Dungeon,’” Steve Lubbers says about his Dayton, OH-based workspace. “An understanding wife and a spare room in the house allocated a nice place for a workshop. Too bad the engineer … Continue reading


An Organized Space for Programming, Writing, and Soldering


Al Anderson’s den is the location for a variety of ongoing projects—from programming to writing to soldering. He uses several plastic bins to keep his equipment neatly organized. Anderson is the IT Director for Salish Kootenai College, a small tribal … Continue reading


Innovation Space: A Workspace for Prototyping, Programming, and Writing


RobotBASIC co-developer John Blankenship accomplishes a lot in his “cluttered” Vero Beach, FL-based workspace. He develops software, designs hardware, packages robot parts for sale, and write books and magazine articles. Thus, his workspace isn’t always neat and tidy, he explained. “The … Continue reading