Client Profile: Integrated Knowledge Systems

Integrated Knowledge Systems' NavRanger board

Phoenix, AZ CONTACT: James Donald, EMBEDDED PRODUCTS: Integrated Knowledge Systems provides hardware and software solutions for autonomous systems. featured Product: The NavRanger-OEM is a single-board high-speed laser ranging system with a nine-axis inertial measurement unit for robotic and … Continue reading


Client Profile: ImageCraft Creations, Inc.

CorStarter prototyping board

2625 Middlefield Road, #685, Palo Alto, CA 94306 CONTACT: Richard Man, EMBEDDED PRODUCTS:ImageCraft Version 8 C compilers with an IDE for Atmel AVR and Cortex M devices are full-featured toolsets backed by strong support. CorStarter-STM32 is a complete … Continue reading


Client Profile: Invenscience LC


2340 South Heritage Drive, Suite I Nibley UT, 84321 CONTACT: Collin Lewis, EMBEDDED PRODUCTS: Torxis Servos and various servo controllers FEATURED PRODUCT: Invenscience features a wide range of unique servo controllers that generate the PWM signal for general … Continue reading


Client Profile: Lauterbach, Inc


1111 Main Street #115 Vancouver, WA 98660 Contact: Featured Product: The TRACE32-ICD in-circuit debugger supports a range of on-chip debug interfaces. The debugger’s hardware is universal and enables you to connect to different target processors by simply changing the … Continue reading


Client Profile: Digi International, Inc

XBee Cloud Kit

Contact: Elizabeth Presson Featured Product: The XBee product family ( is a series of modular products that make adding wireless technology easy and cost-effective. Whether you need a ZigBee module or a fast multipoint solution, 2.4 GHz or long-range … Continue reading