CC 277: (Re)Discovering Embedded

Closeup of the Raspberry Pi

Authors in this issue range from a columnist who reintroduces us to the advantages of switched-capacitor filters to a frequent contributor who discusses his first encounter—and project—with the credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer. Columnist Robert Lacoste recently rediscovered one of … Continue reading


CC276: Not a Hockey Fan?


Hockey can be fun, unless you’re building a surface-mount device (SMD) prototype and the “puck” is one of the tiny components getting away from your soldering iron. In an article appearing last month in Circuit Cellar, “DIY?Surface-Mount Circuit Boards: Tips … Continue reading


CC275: Shape The Future

Tech the Future essayist Fergus Dixon designed this DNA sequencer, the subject of an article in the May 2013 issue of Circuit Cellar.

In January, Circuit Cellar introduced a new section, Tech the Future, which dedicates page 80 of our magazine to the insights of innovators in groundbreaking technologies. We’ve reached out to a number of graduate students, professors, researchers, engineers, designers, and … Continue reading


CC274: A Sensory Experience

An Atmel ATmega88 microcontroller is at the heart of the CNC router controller.

The May issue of Circuit Cellar provides a number of articles focusing on how to utilize measurements and sensors in your designs. Knowing how to generate a magnetic field to calibrate a sensor can help with a number of DIY … Continue reading


CC273: Necessity and Invention


Tom Cantrell wanted to stop fiddling with his sprinklers as he tried to balance conserving water in California and keeping his lawn green. So he asked himself if he could craft a weather-savvy sprinkler controller. In the April issue of … Continue reading