An Organized Space for Programming, Writing, and Soldering


Al Anderson’s den is the location for a variety of ongoing projects—from programming to writing to soldering. He uses several plastic bins to keep his equipment neatly organized. Anderson is the IT Director for Salish Kootenai College, a small tribal … Continue reading


Innovation Space: A Workspace for Prototyping, Programming, and Writing


RobotBASIC co-developer John Blankenship accomplishes a lot in his “cluttered” Vero Beach, FL-based workspace. He develops software, designs hardware, packages robot parts for sale, and write books and magazine articles. Thus, his workspace isn’t always neat and tidy, he explained. “The … Continue reading


Workspace for Coding and Control System Development


Not every engineer’s workspace includes a recliner and a Chihuahua—but this setup works for David Cass Tyler, a retired embedded systems engineer from Willard, NM. Tyler’s “work environment” enables him to “do things at his own pace.” Tyler explained his … Continue reading


One Desk Serves Two Roles for Professor and Designer

Coulston can reconfigure his desk into the embedded workstation pictured here.

Chris Coulston, head of the Computer Science and Software Engineering department at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College, has a broad range of technical interests, including embedded systems, computer graphics algorithms, and sensor design. Since 2005, he has submitted five articles … Continue reading


A Well-Lighted Basement Workspace

Tom Kibalo's workspace

Tom Kibalo, who has four decades of engineering experience with a number of companies in the Washington, D.C., area, has developed a wide range of interests—including microcontrollers, robotics, embedded programming, and wireless applications. It almost seems too much to fit … Continue reading


RL78 Challenge Winner’s Workspace in Lewisville, TX

Michael Hamilton's test bench and DSA815

Lewisville, TX-based electrical engineer Michael Hamilton has been a busy man. During the past 10 years, he created two companies: A&D Technologies, which supplies wireless temperature and humidity controllers, and Point & Track, which provides data-gathering apps and other business … Continue reading


A Dutch Designer’s “Comfort Zone”

workspace Stegeman

Check out this amusing workspace submission from Henk Stegeman who lives and works in The Netherlands (which is widely referred to as the land of Elektor). We especially like his Dutch-orange power strips, which stand out in relation to the … Continue reading


A CTO’s Bright & Clean Workspace

Keeping a space clean and bright is key. (Source: F. Dixon)

Our enthusiasm for bright and clean workspaces won’t wane. A tidy, well-lit space is a must-have for a designer working with microcontrollers, PCBs, and small components such as transistors and capacitors. Fergus Dixon’s Sydney, Australia-based workspace is an excellent example. … Continue reading


A Workspace Built for Precision Design

One of my Altera CPLD breakout boards is on the bench there. I was experimenting with some video generators in VHDL when I took this picture.

Brad Boegler is a do-it-yourselfer’s DIYer. His West Bloomfield, MI-based workspace is something to admire. It features a sturdy 8’ × 5’ workbench, a well-built machining bench, and dozens of handy tools that enable him to work on projects ranging … Continue reading


A Workspace Where Meccano Meets Arduino

Laughton's bench in London

Peeking into someone’s workspace gives you a glimpse of their interests, personality, and aspirations. Thus, in the same way no two personalities are exactly same, no two workspaces are identical. Some workspaces are retreat-like locations where designers spend their precious … Continue reading


EE’s Two-Bench Workspace in Silicon Valley

Vincent Himpe's workbench for hardware development

I met Vincent Himpe—a Senior Staff Engineer at STMicroelectronics—a few years ago at the Emebdded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA. It took all of about 5 minutes to learn that he was an engineer with a lot on his … Continue reading


One Electronics Workspace Among Nuremberg’s Thousands

Heiner Tucher's bright, sufficiently powered electronics workspace

Living in and around the international technology hub of Nuremberg, Germary, are tens of thousands of professional electrical engineers, tech-focused academics, and electronics DIYers. According to the city’s website, the IT sector—comprising radio technologies, embedded systems, and software development—has more … Continue reading


A Workspace for Radio & Metrology Projects

Ralph Berres built this workspace for his radio and metrology projects

Ralph Berres, a television technician in Germany, created an exemplary design space in his house for working on projects relating to his two main technical interests: amateur radio and metrology (the science of measurement). He even builds his own measurement … Continue reading