Graphene Enables Broad Spectrum Sensor Development

Stijn Goossens is a Research Engineer at ICFO- the Institute of Photonic Sciences.

Team successfully marries a CMOS IC with graphene, resulting in a camera able to image visible and infrared light simultaneously. Graphene Enables Broad Spectrum Sensor Development By Wisse Hettinga Researchers at ICFO—the Institute of Photonic Sciences, located in Catalonia, Spain—have … Continue reading


RISC-V and Moore’s Law : An Interview with Krste Asanovic

Lead Opening Image

During his busy sabbatical, Krste Asanovic took time to share his thoughts on developments n the world of processors and the open sourcing of processor architecture. Moore’s Law and the Chip Industry’s Perfect Storm By Wisse Hettinga With the end … Continue reading


Graphene Revolution

Transfer graphene on top of a silicon device to add more functionality

The Wonderful Material That Will Change the World of Electronics The amazing properties of graphene have researchers, students, and inventors dreaming about exciting new applications, from unbreakable touchscreens to fast-charging batteries. By Wisse Hettinga Graphene gained popularity because of the … Continue reading


Creativity Lives Here


An Interview with Jean Noel Lefebvre With the proliferation of affordable ‘Net-connected technologies during the last decade, the nontechnical members of society have come to realize that electrical engineering is an exceedingly creative endeavor. Outside-the-box innovators like Jean Noel Lefebvre … Continue reading


Circuit Cellar Welcomes Jeff Child as its New Editor-in-Chief


June 15, 2017 – Circuit Cellar is pleased to announce that Jeff Child has joined our team as Editor-in-Chief of Circuit Cellar magazine. Over his 27 years covering the embedded electronics and computing industry, Jeff has held senior editorial positions … Continue reading


Advances in 3-D Printing and Related Technologies – Nicolas Roux


Q&As with Industry Innovators – Circuit Cellar Issue #323, July 2017 Nicolas Roux Founder/CEO | Zimple C. J.: Tell us about your background and technical interests. NICOLAS: I am an embedded system engineer, with a background in electronics and mechanics. … Continue reading


Creativity Lives Here: An Interview with Jean Noel Lefebvre


Jean Noel Lefebvre is an electronics engineer with a strong interest in how people interact with the electronic systems. A true outside-the-box thinker, started his company, Ootsidebox, right in the middle of the YouFactory fab lab in Lyon, France. He … Continue reading


Adaptive Robotics: An Interview with Henk Kiela


The Adaptive Robotics Lab at Fontys University in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has a high “Q” factor (think “007”). Groups of students are always working on robotics projects. Systems are constantly humming. Robots are continually moving around. Amid the melee, Circuit Cellar … Continue reading


Interview: Massimo Banzi, Codeveloper of Arduino

Massimo Banzi

It’s no secret that the Arduino development board has changed the way we look at working with electronics. All over the world, the little board has enabled millions of engineers, students, artists, and makers to get electronics projects up and … Continue reading


3-D Stacked Architectures

A Coskun

Ayse K. Coskun is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University, where she is working on 3-D stacked architectures. She recently sat for an interview about her background, work, and research in the areas … Continue reading


Raspberry Pi Maker: An Interview with Eben Upton


About five years ago, a small group of enthusiast designers led by Eben Upton launched a small, inexpensive computer that looked nothing like a normal computer. The bare green PCB board appealed to makers and hackers and the option to … Continue reading


The Flow Coder

Dobson Matrix

Products come and go. New products are developed all the time. So, what’s the key to success? John Dobson has successfully run Halifax, UK-based Matrix TSL 23 years. During that time, the company has gone through some changes. He recently gave … Continue reading


Conductive Paint: An Interview with Bare Conductive

conductive paint

Back in 2009, a small team of students at the Royal College of Art in London, England, began experimenting with a nontoxic conductive paint. That work laid the foundation for their company Bare Conductive, which inspires artists and engineers to take … Continue reading


Boldport Club: Behind the Scenes


We first met London-based engineer Saar Drimer in December 2015. At that time, his was running Boldport—a hardware and prototyping consultancy that specializes in circuit boards—from a workspace was in one of the characteristic arches underneath London Bridge Station. A lot … Continue reading


Embedded Security Innovation

Oflynn Interview

Colin O’Flynn is a Halifax, Canada-based engineer (and Circuit Cellar columnist) who recently launched a company to commercial some of the research he’s done as a PhD student working on embedded hardware security. His Chipwhisperer Lite is a board that … Continue reading