Engineering, Consulting, & Nonstop Innovation


Engineer and author Robert Lacoste has been designing and innovating for more than two decades. Fortunately for us, Robert is also an excellent writer who regularly publishes Circuit Cellar articles on the “dark” and difficult side of engineering. Over the … Continue reading


Buying Electronics at Lamington Road, Mumbai


Want to see what it’s like buying electronics (e.g., Arduino, displays, and general components) in Mumbai? Circuit Cellar correspondent and videographer Wisse Hettinga joins engineer Nishant Mittal on a tour of Lamington Road, Mumbai, India. This street is famous for the … Continue reading


Henrik Forsten’s Workspace for Evolutionary Algorithms, Circuit Design, & Academics in Espoo, Finland

Forsten Pic2

For many young innovators, getting a blinking LED on a Arduino is the ultimate success. For others that is clearly not enough. Take Henrik Forsten, a graduate student studying electrical engineering in Espoo, Finland. He is pushing himself to do … Continue reading


Industry 4.0: The Industrial IoT and the Future

Jaime IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. Industry 4.0 is becoming serious and many companies develop hardware and software solutions. Relayr is a company with an interesting focus on the IoT and bringing industry to the cloud. Wissa Hettinga interviewed … Continue reading


Brain Control: An Interview with Dr. Max Ortiz Catalan

Max Ortiz Catalan med robotarm

Dr. Max Ortiz Catalan is Research Director at Integrum AB, a medical device company based in Molndal, Sweden. Wisse Hettinga recently interviewed him about his work in the field of prosthetic design and biomedical systems. As an electrical engineer, your … Continue reading


Collider (College Park, MD, USA)

Collider is a College Park, MD-based hackerspace founded in 2014. According to Cofounder Ibrahim Hashme, most member projects are focused on electronics (e.g., MCUs, PCBs, robotics, and radio). Contact: Ibrahim Hashme (Cofounder, Member) Hackerspace Address: Collider, B0214, Chemistry Building, University of Maryland, College Park, … Continue reading


Mitch Altman—Maker, Hacker, Traveler


Mitch Altman is an inventor (TV-B-Gone), hacker and traveler whose ideas will inspire many of us to join a hackerspace and get creative with the design community. Circuit Cellar recently met up with Altman at FabLab Berlin, Germany. Altman talks about … Continue reading


N. Mittal’s Dorm Room-Based Workspace in Bombay

Mittal Video

The workspaces we see in Circuit Cellar are fascinating. The engineers who open up their rooms, garages, and cellar’s normally have a lot of equipment and sufficient access to components and facilities. But what about an Indian university student’s workspace? … Continue reading


21st-Century Electronics Craftsman: Meet Saar Drimer

Saar Drimer, electronics craftman

Saar Drimer (PhD, Cambridge) runs Boldport, a London-based hardware and prototyping consultancy that specializes in circuit boards. Wisse Hettinga recently met with Drimer to discuss PCB design, electronics craftsmanship, and his various engineering projects. Hettinga writes: The Art of Electronics … Continue reading


Innovative Product Design: An Interview with Rich Legrand


Rich Legrand founded Charmed Labs in 2002 to develop and sell innovative robotics-related designs, including the Xport Robot Kit, the Qwerk robot controller, the GigaPan robotic camera mount, and the Pixy vision sensor. He recently told us about his background, … Continue reading


Maker Works (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)


Maker Works is an Ann Arbor, MI-based group with a 14,000-square-foot space for makers interested in electronics, metal, wood, and crafts. Location 3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Members 60+ Website Read about what Co-Founder Dale Grover has to say about Maker Works. … Continue reading


Power Electronics Design Space


Aart Vroegop is a Netherlands-based power electronics designer who makes his own guitars and amplifiers. He recently gave us a tour of his workspace and told us about his fascination with electronics. This video was produced for Circuit Cellar by Wisse … Continue reading


Innovations in Mobile Robotics: An Interview with Nick Kohut

You can control Dash robots with a cell phone

Nick Kohut and a lab mate turned their academic interest in mobile robotics into an exciting business—Dash Robotics, which sells a small, insect-like running robot that you can control with a smartphone. We recently asked Nick about advances in running … Continue reading


Workspace for Electromechanical Innovation


Many Circuit Cellar readers dabble in both mechanical and electrical design. Jared Harvey—a senior electrical engineer at Howell Laboratories—recently shared with us a photo and description of his home workspace in West Newfield, ME, where he tackles interesting electromechanical projects. Here … Continue reading


Q&A: Innovations in Wearables and Virtual Reality

This is a virtual reality simulation system that supports research relating to chronic neck pain therapies developed by Dr. Markus Broecker and Dr. Ross Smith. (Image used with permission from Bruce H. Thomas, Wearable Computer Lab, University of South Australia)

New developments in wearable technology, virtual reality, and augment reality research are poised to change everything from healthcare to gaming. We recently asked Professor Bruce Thomas to tell us about the research in these areas taking place at the Wearable … Continue reading