NXP Announces Single-Chip, 77-GHz Radar Transceiver

NXP Short Range Radar

NXP Semiconductors recently announced the availability of small single-chip, 77-GHz radar transceiver (7.5 × 7.5 mm) with high resolution performance. Working prototypes of the RFCMOS IC are in the hands of NXP’s lead customers. In addition, Google engineers are field … Continue reading


January 2016 Electrical Engineering Challenge Live (Sponsor: NetBurner)

Find the error in this code and submit your answer by January 20 via the online challenge form.

Ready to put your electrical engineering skills to the test? The January 2016 Electrical Engineering Challenge (sponsored by NetBurner) is live. This month, find the error in the code posted below (and on the Challenge webpage) for a chance to win a … Continue reading


N. Mittal’s Dorm Room-Based Workspace in Bombay

Mittal Video

The workspaces we see in Circuit Cellar are fascinating. The engineers who open up their rooms, garages, and cellar’s normally have a lot of equipment and sufficient access to components and facilities. But what about an Indian university student’s workspace? … Continue reading


New Digital Power Amplifiers for Car Audio

STMicro - DFDA801

STMicroelectronics recently announced its second-generation digital audio amplifiers with internal 24-bit DAC conversion. The FDA801 and FDA801B four-channel class-D components are intended to simplify system design and lower cost for car-radio suppliers. Offering 40% power savings compared to standard class-D amplifiers, the … Continue reading


Tiny M10578 Modules Add GPS and GNSS to Small Devices and Wearables

Antenova M10578-A2

Antenova recently released two new modules for GPS and GNSS. The M10578-A2 and M10578-A3 provide an easy drop-in receiver solution, which is a useful way to add location capability to very small consumer devices. The modules—based on the MediaTek processor—both measure 9 × 9 × 1.8 mm … Continue reading


Software for Automated PAM-4 Pre-Compliance Testing, Reporting

PAM4 Keysight

Keysight Technologies recently announced new measurement application software for quickly and accurately measuring and quantifying pulse amplitude modulation with four amplitude levels (PAM-4) signals. The software is used with the Keysight S-Series, 90000A, V-Series, 90000 X- and Z-Series real-time oscilloscope platforms and … Continue reading


General-Purpose System Power IC for Automotive Functional Safety

Toshiba 6819A

Toshiba Electronics Europe recently announced a general-purpose system power IC with multiple outputs and functional safety circuits for automotive applications. The TB9044FNG comes in an HTSSOP48-P-300-0.50 package measuring 6.1 mm × 12.5 mm × 1 mm. It integrates various failure-detection functions … Continue reading


New PIC32 MPLAB Harmony Ecosystem Development Program

MPLAB Harmony

Microchip Technology’s new MPLAB Harmony Ecosystem Program is for the developers of embedded middleware and operating systems who are seeking to unlock the business potential of the 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller customer base. Ecosystem partners also gain early and easy access to the complete … Continue reading


Next-Gen OPA1612 Audio Operational Amplifier

TI amplifier

Texas Instruments recently introduced the OPA1622 audio operational amplifier (op-amp), which is the latest addition to the company’s Burr-Brown Audio line. The OPA1622 delivers high output power of up to 150 mW and extremely low distortion of –135 dB at … Continue reading


New Analysis Functionality to Tools for Renesas RL78

IAR Systems recently announced a new version of IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RL78. The new version features new functionality and increased code quality control for applications based on Renesas RL78 microcontrollers. C-STAT—which features innovative analysis that can detect defects, bugs, … Continue reading


3-D Image Sensor Chips for Virtual Reality


Infineon Technologies AG and pmdtechnologies gmbh recently announced the development of REAL3 3-D image sensor chips for virtual and augmented reality applications, spatial measurement, photo effects, and more. The new sensors have improved optical sensitivity and power comsumption in comparison to the … Continue reading


Future-Proof, Next-Gen Wireless LED Lighting Solution

GreenPeak Infographic LED GP651

GreenPeak Technologies recently launched a wireless low-cost ambient lighting application based on the new GreenPeak GP651 communication chip that can support various ZigBee and IEEE 802.15.4 communication protocols. The solution can combine LED lights with smart ambient applications to provide you with … Continue reading


New MCUs Combine Hardware Cryptography with Advanced Energy Management

Silicon Labs jade pearl

Silicon Labs recently introduced two new EFM32 Gecko microcontroller (MCU) families that feature advanced security and energy-management technologies. The Jade Gecko and Pearl Gecko MCUs combine a hardware cryptography engine, flexible low-energy modes, an on-chip DC-DC converter, and scalable memory … Continue reading


All-in-One Comprehensive Power Delivery Compliance Tester

Saelig usb pdt

Saelig Company recently announced the MQP Packet-Master USB-PDT all-in-one comprehensive Power Delivery Compliance Tester. Intended for testing protocol, measuring transmitter signal quality, receiver quality and interference rejection, and power load testing, the USB-PDT s a complete compliance tester and development … Continue reading


µHVIC Family with New Single-Channel Low-Side Drivers

Infineon - IOR_SOT23-5L

Infineon Technologies expanded its µHVIC family of integrated circuits for high and low voltage. The new IR44252L, IR44272L, and IR44273L single channel low-side drivers enable highly effective design solutions. Using Infineon’s high-voltage junction isolation (HVJI) technology, the small driver ICs are … Continue reading