Updated LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS

COMSOL recently updated LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS. An add-on to the COMSOL Multiphysics software, LiveLink for SOLIDWORKS enables a CAD model to be synchronized between the two software packages. Furthermore, it provides easy access for running simulation apps that can be used … Continue reading


New Reflective Optical Sensor for Industrial and Medical Applications

TT Electronics TT058

TT Electronics recently introduced the Photologic V OPB9000, which is a reflective CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity, output polarity, and drain select. It provides dependable edge and presence detection of reflective media under a wide range of ambient … Continue reading


Wireless Modules Will Get Cheaper, More Reliable, and Faster


Advances in wireless communications are consistently improving the usability of consumer and industrial electronics alike. Matthew Oppenheim, a researcher at InfoLab21 (Lancaster University, UK) recently shared his thoughts with us on the future of wireless technology. Fast. Cheap. Reliable. Choose any … Continue reading


Highly Accurate 60-V I²C Battery Cell Monitor

Linear Technology LTC2944

Linear Technology Corp. recently introduced the LTC2944 multicell battery monitor, which makes direct measurements of 3.6-to-60-V battery stacks. No level shifting circuitry on the supply and measurement pins is required to interface with multicell voltages, so total current consumption is minimized … Continue reading


WattUp Wireless Power RF-Transmit IC

Dialog Semiconductor and Energous Corp. recently announced the availability of the DA4100 RF-transmit integrated circuit (IC), which is intended to simplify the implementation of WattUp wireless power transmitter systems. The WattUp wireless power RF-transmit IC integrates the ARM Cortex-M0+, RF transmitter, … Continue reading


PW1-928 RF Data Transceiver Module

Lemos can 1

The PW1-928 RF transceiver module is intended for the reliable bidirectional transfer of digital data over distances of over 300′ in cluttered urban environments (more than half a mile in true line of sight). The module—which operates in the 902-to-928-MHz … Continue reading


Arduino-Based Liquid Level-Sensing Hardware

SST Sparkfun

SST Sensing and Sparkfun recently developed an easy-to-use solution for single-point liquid detection using infrared technology. Highly accurate and reliable, the solution features an Optomax Digital liquid level switch, which is connected to an Arduino board via the TTL output … Continue reading


Flowcode (Part 5): Ghost Technology

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Flowcode features several debugging tools designed to help you develop your programs, get them working reliably, and eliminate any bugs. The fifth article in this series deals with the debugging features. Download the article In the first article in this series, you … Continue reading


3-D Stacked Architectures

A Coskun

Ayse K. Coskun is an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University, where she is working on 3-D stacked architectures. She recently sat for an interview about her background, work, and research in the areas … Continue reading


Multiphase 12-A DC-DC Buck Converter

Dialog Semiconductor recently announced the DA9210-A power management IC (PMIC). A multiphase, automotive-grade, 12A DC-DC buck converter, the DA9210-A supplies the high current core rails of microprocessor devices. Designed for automotive applications, the DA9210-A is optimized for the supply of CPUs … Continue reading


BitScope Blade for Raspberry Pi

element14 recently announced the availability of the new BitScope Blade range, which enables you to power and mount multiple Raspberry Pi computers. You can use every Blade with simple plug packs, 12-V batteries, solar power systems, low-cost UPSes, and passive … Continue reading


Low-Cost Tech for Large-Area OLEDs


CSEM and Sefar AG recently announced the development of an affordable method for increasing the attractiveness of OLEDs for lighting for buildings as well as consumer electronics.Thanks to a project supported by the Swiss Confederation (CTI project), the CSEM and … Continue reading


Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 319)

319 Crossword

The answers to the Circuit Cellar 319 crossword puzzle are now available. Across DYNE—10–5 N PICOAMP—10–12 A HANDSHAKE—Exchange of signals to start or finish a function LATENCY—Delay GAUSSMETER—Measures gap energy BICONDITIONAL—<> CONE—1/3Bh ANGSTROM—1 = 10–10 m Down ENDOTHERMIC—Absorbs heat YAGI—An antenna … Continue reading


Near-Zero-Power Voice-Activation for Battery-Powered Devices

Vesper Sensory

Vesper, DSP Group and Sensory have demonstrated a turnkey development platform that boasts the lowest overall power consumption for far-field always-listening voice interfaces. The DSP Group also recently unveiled its new DBMD5 audio SoC built to drive clearer human-machine voice … Continue reading


Transform IoT Audio, Voice, and Video Interactions


NXP Semiconductors (now part of Qualcomm) recently introduced the new i.MX 8M family of applications processors specifically designed to meet increasing audio and video system requirements for smart home and smart mobility applications such as over-the-top (OTT) set-top boxes, digital … Continue reading