Robots with a Vision

In M1’s IR sensor array, each LED is
fired in turn and detected reflections are latched by
the 74HC259 into an eight-bit byte.

Machine chine vision is a field of electrical engineering that’s changing how we interact with our environment, as well as the ways by which machines communicate with each other. Circuit Cellar has been publishing articles on the subject since the … Continue reading


PC/104 Card Features DMP Vortex DX-3 SoC

WIN Enterprises MB-83310 Editors

WIN Enterprises has announced the MB-83310, a PC/104 module featuring the economical DMP Vortex86 DX3-9126 processor which is mounted onboard. Power consumption of the dual-core SoC is only approximately 6W. The unit supports multiple VGA-LVDS displays with a maximum resolution … Continue reading


Single-Chip Battery Controllers Enable USB Power Delivery

TI bq25703A-bq25700A

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced a pair of highly flexible, single-chip buck-boost battery charge controllers for one- to four-cell (1S to 4S) designs. The bq25703A and bq25700A synchronous charge controllers support efficient charging through USB Type-C and other USB ports … Continue reading


Reliability and Failure Prediction: A New Take

Simulation results should be available in a two-phase post-processor for each simulation, providing broad input on the PCB’s behavior under the defined conditions.

HALT methodology has been a popular way to test harsh environment reliability. A new approach involves PCB design simulation for vibration and acceleration for deeper yet faster analyses. By Craig Armenti & Dave Wiens—Mentor Board Systems Division Many electronic products … Continue reading


Zero-Drift Op Amp Consumes Only 1.3 μAmps


Analog Devices,  which recently acquired Linear Technology, has announced the LTC2063 zero-drift op amp which draws just 1.3μA typ (2μA max) on a 1.8V supply. This micropower amplifier maintains high precision: maximum input offset voltage is 5μV at 25°C, maximum … Continue reading


DIN-Rail Industrial IoT Gateway is Ultra-Compact


Axiomtek has launched of its newest RISC-based fanless DIN-rail IIoT gateway, the IFB112. The fan-less IIoT gateway supports the low power consumption NXP (Freescale) i.MX6UL ARM Cortex-A7 528 MHz SoC. The gateway controller with IP30-rated aluminum and steel enclosure supports … Continue reading


Cloud Platform Supports BeagleBone Black Dev Kit


Anaren IoT Group has announced the release of version 2.1 of its innovative Anaren Atmosphere online development platform. Atmosphere affords embedded, mobile and cloud developers an exceptionally fast way to create IoT applications with an easy-to-use IoT development environment. The … Continue reading


Data Sensing Solution Targets Smart Factory


Advantech has introduced its EtherIO technology designed to enable real-time sensing for machine automation, predictive maintenance, equipment monitoring and optimization, production traceability, rapid quality feedback, and factory environment monitoring applications. EtherIO is a new Ethernet-based I/O technology developed by Advantech … Continue reading


Promoter Group Announces USB 3.2 Spec Update


The USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced the pending release of the USB 3.2 specification, an incremental update that defines multi-lane operation for new USB 3.2 hosts and devices, effectively doubling the bandwidth to extend existing USB Type-C cable performance. … Continue reading


Don’t Miss Circuit Cellar’s Analog & Power Newsletter


Analog & Power is where stuff gets real. Converting signals to and from analog is how embedded devices interact with the real world. And without power supplies and power conversion, electronic systems can’t do anything. Circuit Cellar’s Analog & Power … Continue reading


Tensilica HiFi 3z DSP IP Core Provides Enhanced Voice and Audio Processing


Cadence Design Systems has announced the Cadence Tensilica HiFi 3z DSP IP core for system-on-chip (SoC) designs targeted for the latest mobile and home entertainment applications, including smartphones, augmented reality (AR)/3D goggles, digital TVs and set-top boxes (STBs). The new … Continue reading


PC/104-Plus SBC Features On-Board TPM Security


Versalogic is now shipping the “Liger”-a new high-performance PC/104-Plus single board computer (SBC). Based on Intel’s Kaby Lake processor, Liger combines high performance processing and high performance video with moderate power consumption (12 to 14 W typical). It features hardware-level … Continue reading


Power Analysis of a Software DES Encryption Routine

The EFF’s “Deep Crack” board could brute force a DES key in a matter of days. (Photo courtesy of Electronic Frontier Foundation)

This article continues the foray into breaking software security routines, now targeting a software implementation of DES. This builds on a previous example of breaking a hardware AES example. By Colin O’Flynn In the previous column, I broke a simple … Continue reading


How-To Guide for Timing Analysis

Photo 1: I used Timing Diagrammer Pro for the timing analysis of the simplified digital circuit. Note that the gray areas on the waveform denote regions of uncertainty. The red areas show a timing violation.

Although many young engineers have been taught excellent circuit design techniques, most haven’t been schooled about the importance of timing analysis. What is timing analysis? Why is timing analysis important? How do you perform timing analysis? Philip Nowe’s Circuit Cellar … Continue reading


Crowd Funded Arduino Board Measures 0.5. x 0.5 Inches


Crowd funded via Crowd Supply, a project called µduino is an Arduino measuring in at 12mm (0.5 inches) x 12mm. While similarly sized micro-controller boards do exist, their power is severely limited to using chips such as the Attiny85 (with … Continue reading