DIY Network-Ready Polyphonic Music Controller

Portner's Chimaera project

Hans Peter Portner’s Chimaera project is a touch-less, expressive, network-ready, polyphonic music controller released as open source hardware. It is a mixed analog/digital offspring of the Theremin. An array of analog, linear Hall effect sensors make up a continuous 2-D … Continue reading


WIZnet Design Challenge Winners (Sponsored)

First Prize — Chimaera: The Poly-Magneto-Phonic Theremin, Hans Peter Portner (Switzerland)

WIZnet’s Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge provided electronics enthusiasts with the opportunity to use WIZnet’s WIZ550io Ethernet module in a project for a chance to win a share of $15,000 in prizes. The submission deadline was August 3, 2014, and soon … Continue reading


Data Acquisition Issues (2 Free Downloads)


As Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio noted in his essay “The Future of Data Acquisition,” data acquisition “is a necessity, which is why data acquisition systems and software applications are essential tools in a variety of fields.” For a limited time, … Continue reading


DIY Dead Man’s Switch (No Microcontrollers)

Figure 1: This is the timer schematic. The Reset button S1 is optional.

A “dead man’s switch” (abbreviated here as DMS) is a very useful device for applications where the effect of forgetting to turn something off ranges from a mild annoyance to costly or dangerous consequences. We first learned about the DMS … Continue reading


Solar-Power the Circuit Cellar (Free Download)

Team installing solar panels on Steve Ciarcia's roof

In the spirit of DIY engineering and solar power innovation, we’re re-releasing Circuit Cellar founder Steve Ciaria’s three-part series, “Solar-Powering the Circuit Cellar.” An excerpt from the first article in the series appears below. And for a limited time, you … Continue reading