Radar Module for Makers


OmniPreSense Corp.’s recently unveiled radar module is capable of detecting objects 5 to 10 m away and giving electronic systems enhanced information about the world around them. Intended for the “maker” community, the $169 OPS241-A module is capable of making any … Continue reading


New MEMS Accelerometers for Industrial Condition Monitoring Apps

Analog ADXL1001

Analog Devices’s new ADXL1001 and ADXL1002 high-frequency, low-noise MEMS accelerometers are designed for industrial condition-monitoring applications. The accelerometers deliver the high-resolution vibration measurements needed for the early detection of machine failure (e.g., bearing faults). The ADXL1001 and ADXL1002’s benefits, features, and … Continue reading


New Thermal Imaging Solution for Benchtop Electronics Testing


FLIR Systems recently launched the FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solution for benchtop electronics testing. Well suited for testing and analyzing the thermal characteristics of electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs), the battery-powered FLIR ETS320 comprises a high-sensitivity thermal camera and … Continue reading


Issue 322: EQ Answers


Here are the answers to the four EQ problems that appeared in Circuit Cellar 322. Problem 1: Some time ago (Issue #274), we discussed how theoretical channel capacity is a function of the bandwidth and the signal-to-noise ratio of the … Continue reading


Electrical Engineering Crossword (Issue 322)

322 crossword

The answers to Circuit Cellar 322‘s crossword are now available. Across SNIFFER—Software for monitoring network traffic ACTUATION—To put into mechanical action INVERTER—DC to AC NULL—VALUELESS CHARACTER REPEATER—Receives and amplifies a weak signal before retransmitting it JITTER—The deviation of some aspect … Continue reading


Adaptive Robotics: An Interview with Henk Kiela


The Adaptive Robotics Lab at Fontys University in Eindhoven, Netherlands, has a high “Q” factor (think “007”). Groups of students are always working on robotics projects. Systems are constantly humming. Robots are continually moving around. Amid the melee, Circuit Cellar … Continue reading


3-D Object Segmentation for Robot Handling

Photo 1
The InMoov robot built at Portland State University’s robotics lab

A commercial humanoid service robot needs to have capabilities to perform human-like tasks. One such task for a robot in a medical scenario would be to provide medicine to a patient. The robot would need to detect the medicine bottle … Continue reading


New Fifth-Generation Quasi-Resonant Flyback Controller and Integrated Power IC


Infineon Technologies recently announced the fifth generation of its stand-alone quasi-resonant flyback controller and integrated power IC CoolSET family. This generation offers more efficiency, faster startup, and improved overall performance. The new ICs are especially designed for AC/DC switch mode … Continue reading


TeraFire Hard Cryptographic Microprocessor


Microsemi Corp. recently added Athena’s TeraFire cryptographic microprocessor to its new PolarFire field programmable gate array (FPGA) “S class” family. The TeraFire hard core provides Microsemi customers access to advanced security capabilities with high performance and low power consumption. Features, … Continue reading


E-Paper Display Modules Drive Batteryless RFID Tags

Pervasive PDI004

Pervasive Displays recently announced that Japan-based TOPPAN Printing Co. is using its low-power e-paper display (EPD) module in a batteryless RFID EPD tag. Operating off harvested RF energy, the new solution enables you to update a device’s EPD and RFID … Continue reading


New Easy-to-Use BOM Tool

Mouser Forte

Mouser Electronics recently launched FORTE, an intelligent bill of materials (BOM) management tool intended to save time and improve order accuracy in specifying and purchasing electronic components. Free to Mouser account holders, FORTE offers access to more than 4 million … Continue reading


Bluetooth 5 Low Power SoC with Integrated Microphone Interface


Dialog Semiconductor recently announced the next generation in its SmartBond family. The DA14586 SoC is the company’s first standalone device qualified to support the latest Bluetooth 5.0 specification. It delivers the lowest power consumption and unrivaled functionality for advanced use … Continue reading


New Development Tool for Bluetooth 5


Nordic Semiconductor’s Bluetooth 5 developer solution for its nRF52840 SoC comprises the Nordic S140 v5.0 multi-role, concurrent protocol stack that brings Bluetooth 5’s long range and high throughput modes for immediate use to developers on the Nordic nRF52840 SoC. The … Continue reading


Embedded Software: Tips & Insights (Sponsor: PRQA)


When it comes to embedded software, security matters. Read the following whitepapers to learn about: securing your embedded systems, MISRA coding standard, and using static analysis to overcome the challenges of reusing code. Developing Secure Embedded Software Guide to MISRA … Continue reading


Reflections on Software Development

FIGURE 1: Simplified software design process documentation. Testing, verification and validation (V&V) and control documents are not shown.

Present-day equipment relies on increasingly complex software, creating ever-greater demand for software quality and security. The two attributes, while similar in their effects, are different. A quality software is not necessarily secure, while a secure software is not necessarily of … Continue reading