2014 Year-End Notes

Circuit Cellar founder Steve Ciarcia addresses the team Vermont

In every December issue, we like to take a look at where we’ve been and where we’re going. Since this is the final issue of the year, let’s review a few important notes about 2014 and the 2015 editorial schedule. CIARCIA … Continue reading


Electronica in Images


Joao Martins, editor in chief of Circuit Cellar‘s sister publication, audioXpress, attended the 2014 Electronica show in Munich from November 11 to 14, 2014. Here we provide some of the photos he took from the floor. 


Budgeting Power in Data Centers

Figure 1: The plot demonstrates billion of instructions per second (BIPS) versus server power consumption as measured on an Oracle enterprise server including two SPARC T3 processors.

In my May 2014 Circuit Cellar article, “Data Centers in the Smart Grid” (Issue 286), I discussed the growing data center energy challenge and a novel potential solution that modulates data center power consumption based on the requests from the … Continue reading


Embedded Chip = Subdermal Chip?

Circuit technology  human palm.

Forget stashing your cash under your mattress. Now you can stash it under your skin. Sort of. The Telegraph reported Tuesday that Martijn Wismeijer, a Dutch innovator, recently implanted a 12-mm xNTi NFC chip in his body to store Bitcoin. The … Continue reading


WIZnet Distinctive Excellence IoT Projects

WZ1327 - Iot Gateway

The Circuit Cellar team felt strongly that there were considerably more first-rate projects entered in WIZnet Connect the Magic 2014 Design Challenge than could be satisfied with the available prizes. Thus, it designated a special category called “Distinctive Excellence” for … Continue reading