USB Data Acq System Features Simple Expansion

DATAQ Instruments di2108-product-photo-press-release

DATAQ Instruments has announced the release of its model DI-2108-P USB data acquisition (DAQ) system with 16-bit ADC resolution, programmable gain and ChannelStretch technology. The model DI-2108-P provides eight analog input channels each with 2.5-, 5- and 10-volt unipolar and … Continue reading


8-bit Microcontroller Features Compact 8-Pin Package


STMicroelectronics has introduced its new 8-bit STM8S001 microcontroller (MCU) in an economical SO-8 package. The STM8S001 has I2C, UART, and SPI interfaces, giving unusually versatile connectivity options. With a generous 8KB Flash memory, 1 KB RAM, 128-byte EEPROM, and 3-channel … Continue reading


Nissan Chooses Renesas Chips for Automatic-Parking Gear


Renesas Electronics has announced that its R-Car system-on-chip (SoC) for car infotainment and advanced driving assistant systems (ADAS) as well as its RH850 automotive control microcontroller have been adopted by Nissan for the ProPILOT Park, a full-fledged automated-parking system, of … Continue reading


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Wi-Fi MCU Platform Update Targets Smart Home

Cypress WICED IoT Development Kit_0

Cypress Semiconductor has announced an updated version of its turnkey development platform for the IoT that simplifies the integration of wireless connectivity into smart home applications. The Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) Studio platform now adds iCloud remote … Continue reading


Buck Converter Extends Battery Life of USB Type-C Gear


Maxim Integrated Products has announced the MAX77756, a 24 V, 500 mA, low quiescent current (IQ) buck converter. The product targets developers of multi-cell, USB Type-C products in need high current, dual inputs and I2C support. USB Type-C products must … Continue reading


October Circuit Cellar: A Sneak Preview

Oct 327 Cover

The October issue of Circuit Cellar magazine is on the launch pad, ready to deliver a selection of excellent embedded electronics articles covering trends, technology and design. Not a Circuit Cellar subscriber?  Don’t be left out! Sign up today: CC … Continue reading


Power Modules Offer Day/Night Functionality

Saelig scp-power-module

Saelig has introduced the patented Sol Chip Pak (SCP-R2801) Power Modules which offer day/night non-stop functionality by combining state-of-the-art solar cells, a rechargeable battery and advanced power management circuitry. These power modules include all the components that are required to … Continue reading


SBC is Drop-In Replacement for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B


A Kickstarter project by the Libre Computer Project, code name Le Potato, is designed as a drop in hardware replacement for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and offers faster performance, more memory, lower power, higher I/O throughput, 4K capabilities, … Continue reading


Analog Devices Collaborates on IoT Farm-to-Fork Project


Analog Devices has announced a collaboration with The Cornucopia Project and to explore the local food supply chain and use this work as a vehicle for educating students at ConVal Regional High School in Peterborough, NH, and local farmers … Continue reading


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Current Multipliers Improve Processor Performance


Vicor has announced the introduction of Power-on-Package modular current multipliers for high performance, high current, CPU/GPU/ASIC (“XPU”) processors. By freeing up XPU socket pins and eliminating losses associated with delivery of current from the motherboard to the XPU, Vicor’s Power-on-Package … Continue reading


Microsoft Real-time AI Project Leverages FPGAs


At Hot Chips 2017 Microsoft unveiled a new deep learning acceleration platform, codenamed Project Brainwave. The system performs real-time AI. Real-time here means the system processes requests as fast as it receives them, with ultra-low latency. Real-time AI is becoming … Continue reading


Numeric Precision vs. DDS Calculations

A knockoff Arduino Nano controls a generic AD9850 direct digital synthesizer circuit, both plugged into standard 0.1 inch headers, with hand-wiring connections below the proto board. The SMA connector provides a mechanically rugged output from the board; the DDS frequencies don’t require its RF properties.

Using the full frequency resolution of a direct digital synthesizer chip outstrips the capabilities of floating point numbers. Ed takes a look at what’s needed for high-resolution frequency calibration and measurements. By Ed Nisley As you saw in my July … Continue reading


Mouser Provides Microsemi PolarFire FPGA Evaluation Kit

PRINT_Microsemi PolarFire Eval Kit

Mouser Electronics is now offering the PolarFire Evaluation Kit from Microsemi, which allows designers to evaluate the highly regarded PolarFire FPGA product family. The flash-based PolarFire FPGAs deliver 100K to 500K logic elements at up to 50 percent lower power … Continue reading