September Electrical Engineering Challenge Live (Sponsor: NetBurner)

Find the error in this code and submit your answer by September 20, 2015.

Ready to put your electrical engineering skills to the test? The September Electrical Engineering Challenge (sponsored by NetBurner) is live. This month, find the error in the code posted below (and on the Challenge webpage) for a chance to win a … Continue reading


In Memoriam—Hugo Van haecke (1951–2015)

2012-09-29 Marriott Wentworth by the Sea, New Castle, NH

Hugo Van haecke, president and publisher of Circuit Cellar, Inc. and Segment LLC, passed away on August 19, 2015, in Denver, CO. A publishing industry veteran and an exceptional manager, Hugo was instrumental in the transition of our business from its … Continue reading


New Ultra-Compact Wireless M-Bus Module


AMIHO Technology recently announced an ultra-compact and cost effective Wireless Meter-Bus module. The AM090 is intended primarily for connecting smart meters and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. At just 15 × 15 mm, the AM090 works well with small sensors and other … Continue reading


Analog Amplifier Provides Precise Current Shunt Measurement

SiliconLabs Si8920

Silicon Labs has introduced a new isolated current sense amplifier with industry-leading signal bandwidth (up to 750 kHz) that ensures rapid, precise DC current measurement and accurate representation of the primary signal and harmonics. The Si8920 isolated amplifier provides an ideal current … Continue reading


Ultra-Low Power Buck Regulator Extends Battery Life

Analog Devices recently launched an ultralow power buck regulator that extends battery life in portable devices by achieving high ultra-light-load power conversion efficiency. With a 90% efficiency rating and consuming only 180-nA quiescent current, the ADP5301 buck regulator provides maximum power … Continue reading


IoT Project: DIY, Net-Connected Wireless Water Heater

Serving up the current temperature involves
several computers, a Wi-Fi access point, and the
DPAC Airborne module.

Some people like to remotely start their cars when it’s cold outside. Dan Beadle took this idea one step further by Internet-enabling his mountainside retreat’s hydronics system. The innovative design enables him to warm the house well in advance of his arrival. … Continue reading


New 32-Bit MCU Series for Embedded Control and Touch

Microchip PIC32mx1

Microchip Technology recently announced a new series within its PIC32MX1/2 32-bit microcontroller family that features a 256-KB flash configureation and 16-KB of RAM. The microcontrollers provide flexibility to low-cost applications that need complex algorithms and application code. More specifically, they are intended to … Continue reading


New Power MOSFETs Compact, Durable Electrical Appliances

Infineon Logic_Level_StrongIRFET

Infineon Technologies recently extended its StrongIRFET Power MOSFET family. The Logic Level StrongIRFETs can be driven directly from a microcontroller, thus saving space and cutting costs. Additionally, the MOSFETs are highly rugged and thus help lengthen the service life of the … Continue reading


Miniature 9.7 × 7.5 mm OCXO


IQD’s latest Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO), the IQOV-71 series, is housed in four-pad plastic package with a fiber glass base. Despite it 9.7 × 7.5 mm size, it offers very low frequency stabilities down to ±10 ppb over an operating temperature … Continue reading


New Battery Pack Monitor Protects Multi-Cell Li-ion Batteries


Intersil Corp. recently announced the ISL94203 3-to-8 cell battery pack monitor that supports lithium-ion (Li-ion) and other batteries. The ISL94203 can monitor, protect, and cell balance rechargeable battery packs to maximize battery life and ensure safe charging and system operation. It works as a … Continue reading


A Real-World Look at Lighting


Living on a granite hill during a thunderstorm gave Circuit Cellar founder Steve Ciarcia new respect for Mother Nature. In a classic 1998 article, Steve described how he worked with Circuit Cellar columnist Jeff Bachiochi on a solution to automatically … Continue reading


Blue Gecko Module Simplifies Smart Design

SiLabs BlueGecko

Silicon Labs recently introduced a fully integrated, precertified Bluetooth Smart module solution that provides a speedy path to low-power wireless connectivity for the IoT. The BGM111 module is the first in a family of advanced Blue Gecko modules delivering integration, … Continue reading


Radiation-Tolerant FPGA Kit

Microsemi RTG4-Dev Kit

Microsemi recently announced the availability of the RTG4 FPGA Development Kit for high-bandwidth space applications. The innovative kit provides space designers an evaluation and development platform for applications such as data transmission, serial connectivity, and more. The development kit provides all necessary … Continue reading


SWIFT DC/DC Buck Converters Reduce EMI

TI Swift

Texas Instruments recently launched the industry’s first 20-A and 30-A synchronous DC/DC buck converters with frequency synchronization for low-noise and reduced EMI/EMC and a PMBus interface for adaptive voltage scaling (AVS). The SWIFT 20-A TPS544B25 and 30-A TPS544C25 converters integrate … Continue reading


NXP’s New Automotive Ethernet Product Portfolio


NXP Semiconductors has launched product portfolio for automotive Ethernet that builds on BroadR-ReachT, which is an automotive standard defined by theOPEN Alliance industry group. NXP’s automotive portfolio features two product families: Ethernet transceivers (TJA1100) and Ethernet switches (SJA1105). The Ethernet PHY TJA1100 … Continue reading