Interconnect Defects (ICDs) Explained

Doug Trobough

What is an Interconnect Defect (ICD)? An ICD is a condition that can interfere with the internal circuit connections in a printed circuit board (PCB). These internal connections occur where the innerlayer circuit has a drilled hole put through it. … Continue reading


Multi-Touch Solution Brings Modern UI Elements to Embedded Designs

Microchip MTCH6303

Microchip Technology recently announced a new addition to its Human Interface Solutions portfolio. The MTCH6303 is a turnkey projected-capacitive touch controller for touch pads and screens. Touch sensors with up to 1,000 nodes and diagonals of up to 10” are … Continue reading


STMicro Introduces STM32F7 MCUs with Advanced ARM Cortex-M7 Core


STMicroelectronics has begun producing microcontrollers with the new ARM Cortex-M7 processor, which is the newest Cortex-M core for advanced consumer, industrial, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. The new STM32F7 microcontrollers combine the Cortex-M7 core with advanced peripherals.  The STM32F7 Discovery Kit includes the … Continue reading


New High-Speed CMOS DDR2 Synchronous DRAMs

AllianceMemory-DDR2 SDRAM

Alliance Memory recently broadened its line of high-speed CMOS double data rate 2 synchronous DRAMs (DDR2 SDRAM). Its new device featuring high 2-Gb density in a 84-ball 8-mm × 12.5-mm × 1.2-mm FBGA package. The AS4C128M16D2 is available (from a … Continue reading


Percepio Tracealyzer – SW Tracing Tools for RTOS-Based Systems (Sponsored)


To understand what’s truly going on in your RTOS-based system, you need tools to help you understand the complex web of connections. Percepio’s Tracealyzer gives unprecedented insight into embedded software’s real-time behavior and improves your ability to deliver robust and … Continue reading


How To Measure Temperature with a Soldering Iron


Forget those expensive temperature sensors. Now you can use an ordinary heating element like a soldering iron to measure temperature. Daniel Maliks’s upgraded soldering iron will be a great addition to your workbench. In Circuit Cellar 191, Malik writes: There are many … Continue reading


High-Resolution Resistive Sensing Signal Conditioner


Texas Instruments recently introduced the PGA900 high-resolution resistive sensing signal conditioner. The PGA900 enables the fast and precise 24-bit measurement of conditions such as pressure, flow, strain, or liquid levels. Its programmable core enables flexible linearization and temperature compensation for numerous … Continue reading


New 700-V HVICs Increases System Reliability, Shrink Board Space


Infineon Technologies recently launched a family of rugged, reliable 700-V High-Voltage ICs (HVICs) optimized for solar, power supply, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), welding, and industrial drive applications. The 700-V offering enables designers of high-voltage power stages to simplify their designs while … Continue reading


Video Decoder with MIPI-CSI2 Output Interface Supports Next-Generation SoCs


Intersil Corp. recently introduced the TW9992 analog video decoder, which features an integrated MIPI-CSI2 output interface that provides compatibility with the newest SoC processors. The decoder’s MIPI-CSI2 interface simplifies design by making it easier to interface with SoCs, while also lowering the … Continue reading


Qseven Module with Quad-core Pentium Processor with 4K Resolution


congatec AG recently announced an addition to its Qseven family. The conga-QA4 module includes the new Intel Pentium and Celeron processors based on 14-nm technology and offers increased energy savings and computing power. The optimized Intel Gen8 graphics, with up … Continue reading


New Home Control & IoT Wi-Fi Module


MSC Technologies, a business group of Avnet Electronics, recently introduced the new WLAN-Module HDG820 for 802.11.b/g/n networks, designed by H&D Wireless AB (Sweden). The solution incorporates a complete IP protocol set running on an internal ARM Cortex core and is … Continue reading


High-Side Current/Power Sensor

Microchip PAC1921 Eval

Microchip Technology recently introduced the PAC1921, a high-side current sensor with both a digital output, as well as a configurable analog output that can present power, current or voltage over the single output pin. Simultaneously, all power related output values … Continue reading


Precision Set & Readback PMBus-Compatible µModule Regulator

Linear 4675

Linear Technology recently announced the LTM4675 dual 9-A or single 18-A, µModule (micromodule) step-down DC/DC regulator with PMBus serial digital interface. It comes in a 11.9 mm × 16 mm × 3.51 mm BGA package. The I²C-based interface enables you to manage a … Continue reading


High-Speed, Conditioned Measurements with Channel-to-Channel Isolation


Measurement Computing Corp. recently announced the release of the SC-1608 Series of USB and Ethernet data acquisition devices. The series features analog signal conditioning that enables you to measure voltage, thermocouple, RTD, strain, frequency, and current. Isolated analog output and … Continue reading


Wireless Data Link

Photo 1: The robot measures a little over 4″. Designed for tele-operated
remote surveillance, it contains a video camera and transmitter. Scout
can hop over obstacles by hoisting its tail spring (shown extended) and
quickly releasing it to slap the ground and propel the robot into the air.

In 2001, while working on self-contained robot system called “Scout,” Tom Dahlin and Donald Krantz developed an interesting wireless data link. A tubular, wheeled robot, Scout’s wireless data link is divided into separate boards, one for radio control and another containing RF hardware. … Continue reading