Circuit Cellar publishes books for professionals and academics on a variety of topics relating to embedded design and programming. All Circuit Cellar books are available in the Circuit Cellar Webshop.


ADuC841 Microcontroller Design Manual, By Shlomo Engelberg
In the informative book, ADuC841 Microcontroller Design Manual: From Microcontroller Theory to Design Projects, Shlomo Engelberg presents a comprehensive guide to designing and programming with the Analog Devices, Inc. ADuC841 microcontroller and other microcontrollers in the 8051 family.

Microprocessor Design Using Verilog HDL, By Monte Dalrymple
If you have the right tools, designing a microprocessor shouldn’t be complicated. The Verilog hardware description language (HDL) is one such tool. It can enable you to depict, simulate, and synthesize an electronic design, and thus increase your productivity by reducing the overall workload associated with a given project. Monte Dalrymple’s Microprocessor Deisng Using Verilog HDL is a practical guide to processor design in the real world. Download the code for this book.

Assembly Language Essentials, By Larry Cicchinelli
Larry Cicchinelli’s Assembly Language Essentials is a matter-of-fact guide to Assembly that will introduce you to the most fundamental programming language of a processor. This book is an indispensable resource for electronics engineering professionals, academics, and advanced students looking to enhance their programming skills. Download the Assembler Program for this book.