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Issue #293 — December 2014


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Got Power?: Smart Energy Harvesting for Small Electronic Systems, By Jeff Bachiochi

EnerChip CC CBC3150
Cymbet |

LTC3330 Buck-Boost with energy-harvesting battery life extender
Linear Technology |

MAX17710 Energy-harvesting charger and protector
Maxim Integrated Products |

MCP73831/2 Li-Ion, Li-Polymer Charge Management Controller
Microchip Technology |

NXQ1TXA1 Charger controller
NXP Semiconductors |

SPV1050 Energy harvester and battery charger
STMicroelectronics |

BQ25504 Boost converter
Texas Instruments |

Essential Electromagnetic Compliance (Part 1): An Introduction to EMC, by George Novacek

K. Armstrong, Interference Technology Webinar,

O. Hartal, Electromagnetic Compatibility by Design, R&B Enterprises, 1995.

G. Novacek, “Impedance Matching,” Circuit Cellar 281, 2013.

Estimating Your Embedded System’s Project (Part 1): The Challenges of Planning Software Projects, by Bob Japenga

Experimenting with Metastability and Multiple Clocks on FPGAs, by Colin O’Flynn

Run With It: Build a Wireless Pedometer and Pace Tracker, by Ellen Chuang and Julie Wang

[1] H. Kilani, “A Kinematic Comparison of Jordanian Sprinters in Relation to Legs Strength and Length,” University of Jordan,


“HC Serial Bluetooth Products,” Bluetooth Datasheet,

“HC-03/05 Embedded Bluetooth Serial Communication Module AT Command Set,” 2011,

K. Hoffman, “Stature, Leg Length, and Stride Frequency, Track Technique, 46: 1463-69. Reference: K. Rompottie, “A Study of Stride Length in Running,” International Track and Field, 1972.

R. Tanawongsuwan and A. Bobick, “A Study of Humain Gaits Across Different Speeds,” Georgia Tech,

ATmega1284P microcontroller
Atmel |

MMA2260D Accelerometer
Freescale Semiconductor |

Do You Speak I/Q?: The Fundamentals of I/Q Signals, by Robert Lacoste


M. Q. Kuisma, “I/Q Data for Dummies,” Ping Research, 2014,

B. Locher, I/Q Experimentation Applet, 2011,

R. Lyons, “Quadrature Signals: Complex, But Not Complicated,” 2008,

AD9957 Quadrature digital up-converter and ADL5375 modulator
Analog Devices |

Libreoffice |

Scilab Software
Scilab Enterprises |

Frequency-Hopping System, by Israel Schneiderman, Binyamin Helman, and Yehonatan Kali


Analog Devices, “CMOS 180 MHz DDS/DAC Synthesizer,” Rev D, AD9851, 2004,

———, “Fundamentals of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS),” Rev. 0, 2009,

K. Gentile, “Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) with a Programmable Modulus,” Rev A, AD953, 2010,

Mini-Circuits, “Understanding Mixers,” 1999,

P. Vizmuller, RF Design Guide, Artech House Publishers, 1995.

AD9851 DDS Chip
Analog Devices |

Air Quality Mapper, by Raul Alvarez Torrico

FatFs — Generic FAT File System Module,




MG-811 Sensor and MQ-7
Hanwei Electronics Co.|

MCP6022 Op-amp
Microchip Technology, Inc. |

Polstar PMB-648 GPS Module
Parallax |

R5F100LEA and YRDKRL78G13 Development board
Renesas Corp. |

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